Interjector (Matt Faulkner) smiling with his head to the side in a garden with terrace housing behind him and a blue sky - Mantis Radio
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Mantis Radio 347 – Interjector

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Our final episode of the year features British producer Interjector showcasing his playful rhythm flex tech.

Hear music from IDM duo Asshole Galaxy. Noise riddled industrial from Katran feat. KK NULL. The pristine Detroit electro of Dopplereffekt. Recent guests Aasthma. Japanese noise pop momone. DnB rollers from Eusebeia, Tim Reaper, Voidloss, and, Ed Rush & Optical flipped by Medika. Power electronics from Colossloth. Filipino death metal. Rolling Italian techno from Giordano. Dark techno snakers from Shaney + Zadig, and Ignez. Stunning sound design by Ténèbre. Catnapp’s German hyperpop. And Stockport’s post-industrial duo Pound Land.

Asshole Galaxy – Wastelands [Mahorka]
Asshole Galaxy – Fixer Bath [Mahorka]
Katran – Sudden Closure (with KK Null) [HANDS]
Dopplereffekt – Neural Impulse Actuator – Mirror Neuron [Leisure System]
Aasthma feat. Aisha – Arrival (Fast Forward Into Love) [Monkeytown Records]
momone – dont say you quit the art course [Momone]
Eusebeia – Burgeoning [Samurai Music]
Tim Reaper – Give Me More [Future Retro London]
Voidloss – Prepare The Ground With Blood [Onset Audio]
Ed Rush & Optical – Alien Girl (Medika flip2) [unreleased]
Colossloth – Personality Debris [Cold Spring Records]
Shockpoint – Shockpoint [Medusa’s Lair Records]
Paul Le Baigue – Supermassive [self-released]
Giordano – Sidia [VOITAX]
Ignez – Kaag X [SK_Eleven]
Shaney & Zadig – Prism [Warok Music]


Ténèbre – Abstraction [YUKU]
Catnapp – Stay Unsaved (feat. Aamourocean) [Monkeytown Records]
Pound Land – Pathogen [Cruel Nature Records]

Featured Guest

Following up on his stunning debut EP Parashimmers that Darkfloor Sound (that’s us!) put out in September, we’ve huge pleasure in presenting Interjector in session.

Producing a myriad of electronic music over the last 2 decades, Interjector’s Matt Faulkner is a producer with a restless drive to develop his sound.

His early glitch as Fracas led to his sound design work as Akousmatter. In turn leading to clubby-ier cuts as Shuffling Strangefoot, and his remixing of Chrisobal Tapia de Veer’s haunting soundtrack for Channel 4’s cult TV show Utopia. To where he is now as the panel beaten headspace techno of Interjector.

Sharp, rhythm flexing, sound design tech, that is precise, driving, and often heavy.

Matt’s sound is ever evolving, focused, and playful, as you’ll hear in this session today.

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