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Mantis Radio 134 – Savagen

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Premièring the début performance of Savagen – the collaborative project of Scotland’s Ingen and Savier “like a mixture of old heavy metal tapes”.

M.I.K – Don Wida Bars feat. Hypes + Wariko (Prod. By Mr. Mitch) [M.I.K.]
James McVinnie – Seven O Antiphon Preludes – O Radix Jesse [Bedroom Community]
Young Echo – Crowd Sacred [Ramp Recordings]
Miss Kittin – See You (Chloe remix) [wSphere]
Mr Morse – Greenwich (Ingen remix) [Black Lanterns Music]
Delete – Air Raid Waltz [Mindtrick]
Roberto Clementi – When Love Clashes [Soma Records]
Kessell – Sphere of Influence (Substance remix) [Gravition]
Phase – On The Edge [Token]
British Murder Boys – Be Like I Am [Counterbalance]
Secluded – Mercy (ROD remix 2) [Soma Records]
Pasquale Maassen – Helltoys [Zimmer Records] (tease)
The Sun God – Maum [Bio Rhythm]
Frank Bretschneider – mean.streak [Raster Noton]
the wee djs – Drill Bit [This Machine Is Broken]
Gantz – U Wont Mind [Blackbox]
Nomine – Anxiety Tribe [Tempa]
Violetshaped – Black Wisdom, White Witch [Unknown Precept]
ADJ – Bang The Beat [Digital Distortions]
Bombardier – Instinct [Division 13]
Sleeper – Burning Spears [Osiris]

Savagen – Wound Up Tight
Savagen – We Must Apply
Savagen – Split Beef Sandwich
Savagen – Your Young Are Not For Eating
Savagen – RT2
Savagen – PE2
Savagen – Save A Generation Of Infidels
Savagen – Dirty Mother
Savagen – Roughen Pounder
Savagen – He Gets Fed At Home
Savagen – PE1
Savagen – RT1

Featured Guest

Two long time friends, Ingen (Kevin Blackwood) and Savier (Gregg Davies), united by their love of metal and industrial music, both got into making electronic music around the same time. Each took things in different directions. Ingen is driving electro infused broken techno whilst Savier is more aggressive noise textures, grunch and abstraction. Savagen is their collaborative project. And it’s heavyweight.

On their session tonight the pair told us –

We wanted it to sound like a mixture of old heavy metal tapes we would listen to on the way to school with live machines/jamming with Ableton and SAVAGEN demos to create just a fucking racket. More fun than fun.

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