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Mantis Radio 196 – SØLVE

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AAIMON’s Brant Showers returns to Mantis Radio with his solo project SØLVE.

With new music from October, Shapednoise, Dr Schmidt, Current Value & Maztek, and Fanu. Plus, some forthcoming Darkfloor Sound tracks by Phat Chex and The Voidloss.

Maduro – The Brutalist [Component Recordings]
The Voidloss – Black Smoke Iron [Darkfloor Sound]
C. Mantle vs Badrich – 3.1 [Acre Recordings]
October – Ritual [Skudge White]
Shapednoise – Travels In The Universe Of The Soul [type]
WSR – No Horizon [Contort]
Hoodrat – Car Crash [POLAAR]
Dr Schmidt – Dynamo [Maschinen Musik]
Phat Chex – Magenta [Darkfloor Sound]
Maduro – Wyrmf00d [Component Recordings]
October – Black Narcissist [Skudge White]
Fool – Seventh (Sloop Mix) [Hum + Haw]
Fanu – Devil Chord [Fanu]
Current Value – Ngine [Bad Taste Recordings]
Current Value & Maztek – Feedback Echo [Subsistenz]
Skeptical – Parallax [Exit]

X-TG – Trope
Blush Response – The Drift (AAIMON remix)
Health – Hurt Yourself
SØLVE – what remains
Kanga – Tension
Two From The Eye – Sheep Slaughter
The Body & Krieg – Carved and Caved In
Verin – Malevolent
Author & Punisher – Future Man
Drew McDowall – Through Is Out
Satiqbloom – Vestige Light featuring Andrea Morgan (Dave Clarke remix)
Corrections House – Crossing My One Good Finger
SØLVE – the negative (perspective 1)

Featured Guest

SØLVE’s Brant Showers, together with his then partner now wife Nancy, first guested on Mantis Radio back in 2011 with their band AAIMON. They are a unique blend of slow and menacing conjurations which sort of falls under the style of witch house. His solo work is again, sort of unique, yet retains that sense of menace, dread and wonderment. His 2013 three-tracker svovel | salt | kvikksølv together with last years Hans Bål resonate deeply. Richly textured throbs of aural breath.

His session tonight is a diverse powerhouse of brutalist intensity and beautiful bliss, and includes two of his forthcoming tracks. Both of which really make an impact.

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