Ynoji (Lucian Ditulescu) on Mantis Radio 171
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Mantis Radio 171 – Ynoji

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Ynoji (Belgium) is live from the studio for our first Mantis Radio broadcast of 2015. Elsewhere DVNT plays new music from Nolan Dialta, Monolake, Radial, House of Black Lanterns, Developer and Bintus.

Application – CronJob (Remixed By Russell Haswell) [Dust Science]
The Implicit Order – The Dial-Up Love And Terror Cult [Wholeness Recordings]
Nolan Dialta – Christmas II [Cutting Room Records]
Nolan Dialta – Gloam [Cutting Room Records]
Pann+onn – Arranger From Shadows [Ante Rasa]
Graze – Swarz [New Kanada]
Developer – Signal 3 [Weekend Circuit]
Monolake – Xor [Imbalance Computer Music]
Gesloten Cirkel – Zombie Machine (Acid) [Murder Capital]
Damon Vallero – Line In the Sand [Electracom]
Radial – Boks [Mord]
Ryuji Takeuchi – Scattered [Blind Spot Music]
Bintus – Reflections on Brown [Power Vacuum]
House of Black Lanterns – Code of the Streets [dub]
Graze – Uprizen [New Kanada]
Acemo – Futurism [Adult Swim / Ghostly International]

Ynoji performing live at Darkfloor HQ, London.

Featured Guest

Derived from the French work ‘inouï’, Ynoji means unheard or unprecedented and is the alias of producer, sound designer and general tech nerd dreamer Lucian ‘Lu’ Ditulescu.

Knowing nothing about electronic music, Lu started producing and recording music back in 2009 – taking influence from The Prodigy, Burial and Massive Attack. Three years later, combining his academic technical training (and the discovery of Amon Tobin’s work) he released his first EP. NIÑA was released on Belgium’s Xtraplex Records. Eleven months later it’s follow-up Quemira surfaced, also on Xtraplex. It showed a more rhythmic and ethnical approach to sound. His sound has further evolved to draw influence from soundtracks, drum n bass and harder bass oriented music. The sound of Ynoji in 2015 is an evolving fusion of the filmic and ethnic, broken beats and organic sound design. From imaginary worlds into digital lifeforms.

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