Mantis Radio 306 + Inner8

Mantis Radio 305

In session Italian producer Inner8 showcases his label Holotone.

Hear tracks from Andy Gill and Andrew Weatherall who both tragically passed away earlier this month. I’ve got a nice mixed bag of tracks from the likes of Uniform, Paula Temple, Savier, Chris & Cosey, Sclist, Cybotron, William Orbit, Rorcal, Overlook & Karim Mass, As One, and Aphex Twin to share.

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Uniform – Awakening [Sacred Bones Records]
Gang Of Four – Love Like Anthrax [EMI]
Paula Temple – Cages (ZAMILSKA remix) [Noise Manifesto]
William Orbit – A Hazy Shade of Random [Virgin]
Savier – Everybody Smile V [unreleased]
Wire&Wasteland – Gravity [Wire and Wasteland]
Chris & Cosey – Voodoo (Tusken Raiders Mix) [T&B Vinyl]
Sclist – Wood and Steel Patterns [Sclist]
The Woodleigh Research Facility – Brackstone Abroad [Rotters Golf Club]
Cybotron – Eden [Fantasy]
Overlook & Karim Maas – Chalk [Standards & Practices]
cyd – Mergence [Solemne Records]
As One – Downburst [De:tuned]

Scald Process – Atonement (feat. Luxul) [Holotone]
Koichi Shimizu – FK (feat sYn) [Holotone]
Inner8 – Self-Determination [Holotone]
Lifecutter – Tearing Down Walls Anxiety [Holotone]
Franz Rosati – Continua Imperfect [Holotone]
Lifecutter – Cascades [Holotone]
Franz Rosati – Mercurial Device [Holotone]
Dadub – Tuluu (Pure Version) [Holotone]
Scald Process – Misanthropist Del Gallo (Death Qualia remix) [Holotone]
Inner8 + Koichi Shimizu – Aufhebung [Holotone]

Grave Blankets – Going Dark [Orb Tapes]
Allied – Dream State [MethLab Recordings]
Rorcal – A Sea Of False Smiles Hiding Murder, Jealousy And Revenge [Hummus Records]
Aphex Twin – Vordhosbn [Warp Records]



My guest this week is Inner8. Italian producer Daniele Antezza.

In addition to being the founder of the Dadub – a production duo focused on bass music, voodoo, ancient alien rituals, and chaos magick, Antezza runs his own mastering company – Dadub Studio, and in 2016 started the label Holotone. His session for Mantis Radio today is a Holotone label showcase featuring tracks from Scald Process, Koichi Shimizu, Lifecutter, Franz Rosati, Dadub and some of his own Inner8 material.

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