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To see off the year in style it’s the Russian techno madman Vadz. We play tracks by Dom & Roland, Ital Tek, Hoth System, Jerome Hill, Wax, Speedy J.

Dom & Roland – Jedi [Dom & Roland Productions]
Ventolyn & Becotyde – Carbon Architects [Bumpfoot]
ambienteer – Polar [ambienteer]
Wax – Dub Shed (STP remix) [Subsolo Records]
Beat Pharmacy – Ghostship (Deadbeat dub) [Deep Space Media]
Al Tourettes – Dodgem [Apple Pips]
Ital Tek – Chemical Temple [Atom River]
Speedy J – EDLX (Chris Liebing edit) [CLR]
+ Hoth System – Imperial Code [unreleased]
Hoth System – Rise My Friend [unreleased]
Planetary Assault Systems – Attack of the Mutant Camels [Ostgut Ton]
Gucci Vump – Sha! Shtil! (L-Vis 1990 remix) [L-Vis 1990]
+ The Advent and Industrialyzer – Ayahuasca [Hedgehog]
JPLS – Reset [Minus]
Planetary Assault Systems – Om the Def [Ostgut Ton]
Surgeon – October Request [Counterbalance]
Ion Driver – Revolution (Dexorcist remix) [Ricochet Records]
Jerome Hill – Snhnitzelpoppas [Beetroot]
The Root Sellers – Kecak (Si Begg remix) [Pop and Lock]
The Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows (Leftside Wobble edit)
Underpass vs Eartha Kitt – Santababy [unreleased]

Vadz – Meltdown [tba]
Evgeny Light – Mechanismus [tba]
Vadz – Crusher [Rtsw10]
Mark Hawkins – Witamino (Vadz remix) [tba]
Vadz – Ode To Bender [Labrat 19]
Shinra – 1986 (Vadz Space Journey remix) [WIDE]
Vadz – M.Fm [Cobalt 014]
Postapocalyps Pop – 12 Inch Nails [Rtsw3]
Vadz – Bad Phazor [unreleased]
Vadz – Phubriq Is Dead [unreleased]
Vadz – Experts Not Allowed [unreleased]
Debasser – Fat Girls (Vadz remix) [tba]
Neonicle – 5th Element [tba]
Postapocalyps Pop – Electro Stuff (Live) [Rtsw10]
Vadz – Alien Talk [unreleased]
Sub – Biolight [Rtsw10]
Vadz – Mechanoid [Rtsw10]
Vadz – Punky Shit [unreleased]
Acid Mikhalych – Distorted Perception [Rtsw5]
Neonicle – Serenade Of Cemeteries (Nymate Association’s Grizzlystep remix)
Vadz – Sea Of Azov [unreleased]
Rabitza – Parallel Lines (Live) [Rtsw4]


Vadz was born Vadim Savchenko in Taganrog, south of Russia in 1980. Whilst growing up he found he could express himself with painting and photography and by age 15 had realised that in music he’d found his calling. At the very beginning,

there were no parties, records or techno; I was just looking for a way to express my non-ordinaries

It was his non-standard view of simple things that provided his conception of musical originality and independence. That was the beginning. From school discos, to local parties, it led to records, synthesizers and sending hordes of demos, to releases, and gigs all over Russian and beyond.

Currently Vadz has four physical releases (Television Records and LaBrat Audiochemicals) and an ever growing amount of digital releases (WIDE, Digital Distortions, Militant Science etc… check his discography). His releases are supported by loads of Russian techno DJs, as well as international names like Dave Clarke, Radioactive Man, Mark Hawkins, Shelley Parker.

Vadz is devoted to (as he describes it) fat ‘proper’ techno and electro styles that use to rock the dancefloors in late 90s and early zeros. No shuffle-trank minimal, no youngsters-on-speed schranz.

In late 2007 Vadz set up the netlabel to show the world the power and quality of his native producers’ output with good, original and interesting music.

Fuck crisis, boycott the industry! Free music distribution is the only future – that’s what we believe in!

This is our final broadcast of 2009. It’s been a great year for electronic music, particularly the stuff of a Darkfloor nature.

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