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Dead Sound showcases his broken techno sound in a mix packing a slew of his unreleased cuts + tracks from contemporaries – Go Hiyama, DJ Boss, Reeko, Ancient Methods and Radial’s Jeroen Liebregts. With music from Echodub, Chaim, Pole Folder, Blackmass Plastics, Bat For Lashes, and Female.

Jas – In a Heartbeat [Echodub]
Taras Mashtalir – MIR [Meleon]
Chaim – Love Rehab Dub [BPitch Control]
Vector Commander – We Fight for Techno (DJ Mita remix) [Extreme Forces]
Humano – Life [Music Man Records]
Pole Folder – Hate Myself (Sasha remix) [La Tour Recordings]
Andreas Tilliander – Medication [Adrian Recordings]
Slam – Room 2 (Pan Pot Rave Tool mix) [Paragraph]
Blackmass Plastics – Squelch Gate [Black Lantern Music]
The Fog – Street Hop [Bulabeats] (DVNT extra edit edit)
Female – Blood Tide (Regis mix) [unreleased]
Forme – Kick a Hole (Hellfire Machina remix) [unreleased]
ORiS – Optics [unreleased]
Buckfunk 3000 – High Volume/Jump (HecQ’s ‘High Volume Jumpin’ remix) [Tigerbeat6]
Brabeats – Something to Beat (Ear Drum Kru remix) [ Records]
Wascal – Perhaps [unreleased]
Doryk – Black Sheep [Zimmer]
Bat for Lashes – Two Planets (Fog’s Interplanetary Redux) [unreleased]
Mr. Seavers – Ender Fast [unreleased]
Lojik – White Room [Echodub]

Dead Sound – Abstrakt [Data-Trace]
Dead Sound & Videohead – Heavy Space [unreleased]
Dead Sound – Never Right [unreleased]
Dead Sound – Only Thought [unreleased]
Ancient Methods – The Whip [RSB]
Dead Sound – Flipside [Acroplane]
Dead Sound – Keep it Raw [unreleased]
Zeta Reticula – Untitled [Electrix]
Go Hiyama – Geometrical (Surgeon remix) [Audio Assault]
Jeroen Liebregts – Harnas [ARMS]
Black Strobe – Madonna (Dead Sound remix) [unreleased]
DJ Boss – Zakruta [Alliance]
Reeko – Methodological [Warm Up Recordings]
Mr Velcro Fastener – Real Robots don’t Die [Tie]
Dead Sound – Weak [unreleased]
Dead Sound – Tattooed Tears [unreleased]
Dead Sound – New View [unreleased]

Featured Guest

Paul Carroll is the man behind Dead Sound – a project involving underground techno/electro/dubstep and broken beat techno which he has been working on for the past year after putting his earlier alias ‘Digital Filth’ to rest and has quickly gained him support from top and varied artists including Dave Clarke, Surgeon, James Ruskin, Stormfield and Warlock.

Paul has been playing out live with his own material at underground club nights around the UK most notably Atomic Jam at The Q Club (Nov 09). Paul has also played in top underground techno clubs in Germany that only the locals and people ‘in the know’ knew about including ‘The Villa’ in Berlin and ‘Tranz Hause’ in Hamburg where his hybrid of techno/electro beat went down a storm.

Now concentrating on a new way of playing live using segments of loops from the mass of work produced, usually around 4 loops at a time, in the same vein as Richie Hawtin’s DE9, but all original material. His live sets that are always different, crammed with diverse underground music. Paul’s DJ sets include fast mixing, turntablism. and variety and now using Serato Scratch he’s able to mix his down material in the same vein as DJing, but with the originality of a live set.

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