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Listen back to December’s Darkfloor Sound show, broadcast live on Melodic Distraction

Listen back to December’s Darkfloor Sound show, broadcast live from the studios of Melodic Distraction in the centre of Liverpool.

No end of year round up for this, our 3rd transmission for Melodic. Instead an hour of fresh tracks that line our record bag. Although, most of those played were released this year.

We begin w/ a cut from Czechian producer SK2N, taken from his new album DEREALIZATION. Which sets the show into an ambient and experimental mood, at least to start with. Featuring tracks from flywheel, Richie Culver & Pavel Milyakov, and a forthcoming piece by Indian producer Ruhail Qaisar – dropping next year on Danse Noire.

Desper, whom I discovered when I was in Warsaw last year, dropped a mental fantastic remix of RKBENCE last week that shifts the show quite strongly, into beats. From there I run through the likes of Ivy Lab, Channel Tres, Polish duo Private Press, the ever one it Inigo Kennedy, w/ a tough cerebral cut, and the clanky techno new blood of Hevlaran. Ryuji Takeuchi’s slamming techno track Crevice rolls in after a cut from by Karim Maas & Stave from their 2021 LP Godless for Overlook’s UVB-76.

Bringing down the intensity there’s another cut from Rookley (who I played back in October), from his excellent album Playground. Then a beautiful ambient piece from Go Hiyama’s new LP FICTIONS.

Closing the show, two absolute slabs! I don’t think Izzy (my producer) was expecting deathcore grinders following the bliss of Go’s track tete a tete. First up, Swedish four piece thrown, before then taking it even harder w/ Prague’s Abbie Falls.

Thank you to everyone at Melodic Distraction; my producers this year – Izzy, Toby, and Beth; and you, for listening. Big love out to you all.

We’ll be back bothering the station in January, 3rd Saturday of the month, which I reckon is the 21st.

Radio flyer for Melodic Distraction - December
SK2N – DEMOTIVATION [self released]
flywheel – Epoch Gub [Accidental Jnr]
Ruhail Qaisar – Namgang [Danse Noire]
Richie Culver & Pavel Milyakov – Track 2 [Participant]
RKBENCE – Furiat fakt (desper tonieremix) [rekombinacje]
Ivy Lab – Balaclava [20/20 LDN]
Channel Tres – Ganzfeld Experiment [godmode]
Private Press – D.O.T. [Indigo Aera]
Inigo Kennedy – Tribulations [Bazovoe Techno]
Hevlaran – Leven [Modern Fate]
Karim Maas & Stave – D_A_T [UVB-76 Music]
Ryuji Takeuchi – Crevice [Monnom Black]
Ignez – Anahata [SK_Eleven]
Rookley – Run [Aimed]
Go Hiyama – tete a tete [Diffuse Reality Records]
thrown – new low [Arising Empire]
Abbie Falls – Parasite [Seek & Strike]


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