EEDL live at L.E.V. Festival 2009

Trawling a forum last night I happened across this superb live set of the Spanish producers EEDL, posted by there by one of the early showcased artists on Mantis Radio, EVAC.

EEDL live at L.E.V. Festival 2009
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Eedl is a duo from Barcelona who debuted in spa.RK with the 12’’ “Parallemped EP”, becoming the label’s first 100% national reference. A pair of digital creators, who far from sticking to digital error or the typical clicksandcuts, go for a perfect balance between rhyhmic deconstruction and melodic landscapism, between harmony and noise, electro and electronica. Their “Parallemped EP” included a remix of Lackluster, from Finland. Between realising that EP and their first album “Everse”, they have been remixing Sizzla and Fibla, and have taken part in several compilations, among them “Tured in been” in the Belgian label On Records, together with Funckarma, EOG or Kettel among many others. 5 years of evolution – “Everse” is a masterpiece in the evolution of electronica in our country, a record worked on and ripened for years where nothing is unnecessary and where everything fits, where Miguel and Joan make their clear point of view felt, precision and exquisiteness in the details.

Eedl is pure timeless and non-perishable IDM, a demonstration of their nearly obsessive devotion for production and sound refinement which has made them one of the most important electronica projects in our country.


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