DVNT, live at Summer Soton - Oxjam

DVNT – live at Summer Session Soton

Recording of my set from July 4th, 2009. I was down performing at one of the Void vs Brap Oxjam gigs (which are always great fun, plus you’re raising money for charity). Had loads of fun and got quite drunk by the end of the evening. At which point Cilla Black became the topic of conversation for hours. Please don’t ask why or how…

Massive shouts to the Soton crew for putting on a great party. The gig was nice and busy and despite being a small basement room, it opened out in a huge beer garden. The rig was extreme. Took up a 1/3 of the room. Suffice to say it was bloody loud.

Stud – Liquid Fur [Kahvi]
Dustin Zahn – Accelerate [Mindshake Records]
Sascha Müller – 5 min. Acid Warning (Neurov remix) [Sauer]
Si Begg – Jetlag and Tinnitus Part 1 (Crystal Distortion remix) [Noodles]
Si Begg – The Bleeps  (Si Begg 08 Edit) [Mutate Records]
Radial – Tempname [ARMS]
Dustin Zahn – Wet Skin [Mindshake Records]
Begal – Wave Modulation [Bassgun]
Smith and Selway vs Planetary Assault Systems – Planetary Departure (Speedy J Bootlegggg) [dub]
Joris Voorn – Empty Trash [Rejected Music]
John Roya – Dark Attraction [mONOmENTAL Digital]
Sergio Parrado – Tok Tok [mONOmENTAL Digital]
Mad-Tek & Dan Fix – Micro Riddim [Digital Distortions]
The Prodigy – Charley (Alley Cat remix) [XL]
Acen – The Life And Crimes of a Ruffneck [Production House]
Anton Pieete – All Hands on Deck [ARMS]
+ Monster X – NukleuS (DVNT Cut In Out Edit) [dub]
Hellfire Machina – Something in the Dub [dub]
Christian Smith and John Selway – Total Departure [Drumcode]
Riino – Aerial Mind [Armatura Records]
Beagle – Bum Rush The Sound [Backtotheoldskool]

Recorded live at Void vs Brap, The Hobbit, Southampton. 04/07/2009 | 55:01


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