DVNT – live at Brap at Riki Tiks 02.07.2009

DVNT – Riki Tiks 2nd July 09

Recorded live at Brap at Riki Tiks, Brighton.

Lee Coombs – Future Sound of Retro [Finger Lickin’]
Sascha Müller – 5 min. Acid Warning (Neurov remix) [Sauer]
Dustin Zahn – Wet Skin [Mindshake Records]
The Hacker – Falling [Infiné]
+ Tipper – Squiggle [Tipper Music] [LOOP]
Tipper – Unlock the Geometry [Tipper Music]
+ Skeetaz – Gators (Crystal Distortion remix) [Addictech]
Si Begg – The Bleeps (Si Begg 08 Edit) [Mutate Records]
Sergio Parrado – Tok Tok [mONOmENTAL Digital]
Speedy J – Planetary Departures (Speedy J Bootlegggg) [dub]
DJ Boss – Cekuj Zmrde (Radial remix) [ARMS]
Chase + Status – Saxon (OH SHAP!! Edit Stylee) [dub]
+ Darren Jones – Nectars Surge [R3tox Digital Recordings]
The Phat RiderZ – Organic Neurosis [dub]
RenegadeGenius – TigerClaw (Original vs Amex Mix) [Back To The Oldskool]
Dom + Roland – Ethnicity [Moving Shadow]
Ed Rush & Optical – Chubrub [Virus Recordings]
Dom + Roland – Paradrenasite (Combined by Hive) [Moving Shadow]
Randall + Andy C – Sound Control (Bladerunner Wots Up Cuz Mix) [Stepback Sessions]
Noisia – Crank [Vision]
Dom + Roland – Moulin Rouge (Dieselboy, Kaos & Karl K remix) [Moving Shadow]
Spor – Do Not Shake [Shogun Audio]
Andy C – Roll On [RAM Records]
+ Limewax – Give Up [Freak Recordings] [LOOP]
Ed Rush & Optical – Move It [Virus Recordings]
Beagle – Bum Rush The Sound [Back To The Oldskool]
John B + Exile – Broken Language (Exile Mix) [Planet Mu]
Commix – Broken Man [Metalheadz]
+ Andy C – Roll On [RAM Records]
Concept 2 – Cause ‘n’ Effect [RAM Records]
+ DJ Slugo – I Ain’t Yo Baby Daddy [WIDE]
Jamie Vex’d – Saturn’s Reply [Planet Mu]



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