the Darkfloor Daily – 10/12/2013

Here’s some bits that have floated into the Darkfloor office recently –

By way of Pete Dev/Null’s blogtotheoldskool comes a tribute mix to Tom & Jerry by DJ Stretch –

Tom and Jerry was an alias of Marc Mac and Dego of 4Hero / Reinforced Records. Unlike some of marc + dego’s other work which was quite deep, intelligent and introspective, the Tom & Jerry stuff was aimed strictly towards the dancefloor… so sharplly you’d think they were using a laser guidance system! From record one, these guys had a clear formula with these tunes: combine belgian style hoovers, euphoric rare groove and soul samples, ragga and classic female vocals, massively chopped breakbeats, and heavy duty bass.

Surgeon has reupped his tribute mix to Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson which he performed at Corsica studios back in December 2010. I’ll update my original drop about it too.

We all miss you Uncle Sleazy.

Previews are up for Warm Up Recordings forthcoming release from Developer and his Western Ways EP. Due December 16th it features remixes from label boss Oscar Mulero and Pfirter.

Emptyset get the interview treatment over at FACT. Whilst over at the Quietus they interview one of Berlin’s techno lords – Marcel Dettmann.

Also via FACT the collaborative studio work of Peter Van Hoesen and Yves De Mey will surface shortly as a new Sendai album is on route. A Smaller Divide is due for a Feb release and if it’s anything like the excellent grower that was their debut together on last years Geotope, we’re in for a treat.

I often find myself checking out the mixes and releases that PatrickG88 highlights over at his site The Black Box. He recently put together a tribute mix for one of his personal favourites – Mater Suspiria Vision. It’s his second tribute (his first is here) and it weaves it’s way through the ghost drone, and ritualistic dark ambient Vision produces.

An artist to watch we reckon, based on her MINDPORT EP. Singapore’s Jean Reiki offers for nowt, a great little two track abstracted electronica techno release (with a hidden bonus).

For anyone expecting Mindport to be an EP filled with drone or ambient pieces, the opener track will set you straight. Named after China’s lunar orbiter 3, Chang’e (pronounced as Chang Er) is also the Moon goddess in Chinese mythology. Driven by ethnic drum beats infused with electronic textures, it features an assortment of samples taken from CNSA Mission Control and lunar narratives. The result is an intriguing style of world electronica with hints of techno.

Side B, ‘Junction’ is inspired by the insistent beeps of the traffic light in Hong Kong. It starts off with a laid-back pace before taking speed and twisting its way into a piece of frantic footwork rhythm.

Paris electro and IDM netlabel Bedroom Research has a new album out – the self titled album from Fade Runner is pitched as a Skweee vs Electro Funk vs IDM vs Beatmaking vs Break vs Glitch Hop.

Chrome Pontex is responsible for the current Textural Records release. As is usual for the drone specialist netlabel, there’s little to nothing as regards to artist information on Pontex and their 45 minute long Laudanum Dreams.

Witch House and Tundra Dubs artist Grypt has recorded a mixtape for Substance. Featuring AAIMON amongst Gatekeeper, The Ceremonial Dagger, Skvm, 3TEETH and others.


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