BRAWLcast’s ‘Last of The Thirty Nine’ by Sex Star

The BRAWLcast continues it’s audio assault with this, it’s 20th episode. Wonky, raw, electro infused dancefloor tech bass.

An electronic music podcast brought to you by Digital Distortions, Limetree and Horror Brawl. Featuring DJ’s and producers from a whole range of electronic genres. It’s not only about the sounds of now, it’s also about influences, old and new.

Sex Star – Last of The Thirty Nine

Mustard Gunn vs Onken – Take No Prisoners [Coin Operated]
Michael Forshaw – Bumpkin [Chan ‘n’ Mikes Records]
Jerome Hill – Tickle The Bee (A Tribute) [Coin Operated]
Bracket – Basskick [Coin Operated]
Onken vs Bwaarp – Hardcore Will Never Die [Coin Operated]
Grimjaw – True G Man [Coin Operated]
Spaceface – Skeptikal Ittch [Coin Operated]
DJ Periferico – Whiteout [Don’t]
Groove Asylum – Work That Sucker [Don’t]
Michael Forshaw – Stiffler (Live At SMS) [Coin Operated]
The Squire Of Gothos featuring Shiftee Moova – Triple Drop [Coin Operated]
The Dexorcist – Rubba Dub (Fat Cap mix) [SMB Records]
Si Begg – Pete Fucking Tong [Noodles Recordings]
Rob Stow – I’m Going To Kill Her [Coin Operated]
Bracket – Butters Bounce [Coin Operated]
Jerome Hill – Vorpal Swords [Don’t]
Sci-Fi Sex Stars vs Chicks With Dicks – Rockford [Chan ‘n’ Mikes Records]


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