the @Darkfloor Twitter roundup

So what’s been happening in the 2 weeks on the @Darkfloor Twitter account. Well wonder no more as I’m going to round up the juicy bits, spilt into 2 easy to navigate sections.

mixes, live recordings and the like.

Infinitestateradio 0011 – dubsession “like dub?”
The Black Dog Live In Moscow
showcase extra: Jay Pace – Live PA
Skywave Systems – Ban The Mindreader
Four Tet – Live @ The Mohawk – Austin, Texas (20.02.2010)
Sandwell Distict – live set, recorded late 2009
Signals From Southwark #18: MANASYt Live
RT @King_Cannibal Black n Blown mix for Sub FM. Chilled re-edits.
Machine sin and redemption “killer dark driving techno + electro mix from Ursula Frequency”
Elektrabel – Demo set 04/2010 “solid rolling techno mix”
BRAWLcast #007: Horror Brawl – …and that was the Seedpod Bomb
How Much Do Music Artists Earn Online? | Information Is Beautiful
The Black Dog, Eno, airports and AV (
KiloWatts – Live Set at Harmonious Discord SXSW 2010 Showcase via @deepgoa
Motogen – The Other Side “really strong, well programmed deep and dark techno mix”
On The Floor! Live at Rain, Las Vegas – 2010-04-10 – DJ Jazzy Jeff & Afrika Bambaataa (via @deepgoa)
Autechre – Live at Oversteps Tour, Kino Siska – Ljubljana, Slovenia (28/03/2010)
B12 . club krakpot, farnham ’93 . . electro-soma era live set (via @ninjamixdump)
Derrick May – Triple J Mix-Up 2010
Turntables & Machines Tour: Andy Weatherall – Groovetech sets ::
The Sight Below is the 200th contribution to the process series on Modyfier: “a superb liveset recording”
John Cage & Nam June Paik in Conversation (1985) [MP3]
Dave Clarke – White Noise Guestmix Makaton-CABLE-04-18-2010:
Greg G [7even Recordings] – The Modulation Mix
Schrauff – Voigt-Kampff Machine
xed – Freedom Of Pitch / April 2010 edition
Autechre . Monreal 2005 . . an untitled era racket
Groof – Analogical Force [Madrid 06.03.10] by AnalogicalForce “ambient electronica IDM techno”
Paul Blackford – Lost Tape Session
CHART 03/2010 (DVNT)
MANTIS RADIO 059 + SMASHBACK the latest Mantis Radio show archive, (in case you missed it)
orbital _ live in brum ’93 _ enough said really.

netaudio releases, free tracks, releases.

New release by wAgAwAgA on Acroplane @Acroplane
David Velez – Desayuno “Enough Records netaudio ambient experimental”
Clark Nova Portable – No Wait Okay Now [LUXXAr051701-01] netaudio lush deep field recordings
Krakenti – Teeth “glitch ambient netaudio”
Culprate – Avian Life on Mars Will Be…
[AE033] Hakan Lidbo – Tech Couture Vol. 2 (2010)
Neonicle – Serenade Of Cemeteries [Russian-Techno]
Bouwakanja – Warrior Of Soul “netaudio braindance /Rephlex style IDM”
Pagalve – Extinct “netaudio dancefloor techno”
Plantae – Feld “idm electronica netaudio”
ECHO003 Echodub Loves Volume 02
Hellfire Machina – Manifesting Reality EP
Tiefschwarz Interview: The Death of Vinyl and Big Labels War Stories For Boys by T POLAR
Koro Inu: “Black Dog Dubs vol.1”
recent listening.
Solar Chrome – Aero [Maschinen Musik]
Mega electro/IDM release, with over 270minutes of free 320kbps mp3 /
UGH by Mazzula “free WAV download, new electrohop track”
[ZIMMER054] Doryk – Destructive Material net audio darkfloor style techno

If you have mixes that you feel come under the darkfloor vibe then hit us up, either by “@” tweeting us, the facebook fan page or contacting me through the site.


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