Mantis Radio 072 + T-Polar

Mantis 072 + T-Polar

Goblin – Suspiria [Cinevox Record]
65daysofstatic – Crash Tactics [Hassle Records]
Mad EP – Brooklyn Freestyle [Marasm]
James Blake – Klavierwerks [R+S]
Subeena – Wishful Talk (Ghosts on Tape remix) [Opit Records]
Girl Unit – Wut [Night Slugs]
dBridge – Lost Shadow [dub]
Pinch – The Boxer [Tectonic]
Africa HiTech – Too Late [Warp]
Radio Slave – Eyes Wide Open [R+S]
Digital Filth – Confuse Me [dub]
Charlie – Spacer Woman (vocal) [Mr. Disc Organization]
Michaelangelo – Dimensional Wormhole (James Ruskin remix) [Labrynth]
Luke Creed – Leichtreas (Gunjack remix) [dub]
Jeff Mills – Space Walk [Axis]
Jeff Mills – Diametric [Axis]
Traversable Wormhole – Closed Timelike Curve (Marcel Dettman remix) [CLR]
Legowelt – Bayville Cove [Clone West Coast Series]
Actraiser – The Plutonia Experiment [Sub Pressure]
Doktrin – Doorgang (Siege remix) [Limetree]
Doryk – Propaganda [Transporta Records]
the wee djs – Timeline [dub]
Mad Mike – Mi Raza [Underground Resistance]

T-Polar – Every Good Sitezen/Old Jim/Plom Pollop [Electrotoxic]
T-Polar – Poindexter the Hunter [Takeover]
T-Polar – Binoculars [Thinner]
T-Polar – 2015 [Acroplane]
T-Polar – Slow Grey Nightmare [Acroplane]
T-Polar – The Earl of Jacks [Thinner]
T-Polar – Hippocampus [dub]
T-Polar – Revenge of the Chilli Earls [dub]
T-Polar – Drone Step [Digital Distortions]
T-Polar – Ghosts of Eckerville [dub]
T-Polar – Wurms [Thinner]
T-Polar – Meet Rico Ecker Bump Mix [Digital Distortions]
T-Polar – Down in Dingely Dell [Digital Distortions]
T-Polar – Thelma Step [Acroplane]
T-Polar – Little Colossus [Digital Distortions]
T-Polar – Jupiter [L2S]
T-Polar – Hot Butter Interlude [Acroplane]
T-Polar – Sunbeams Dub [Lefthouse]
T-Polar – Sunbeats [Lefthouse]

broadcast 31/10/2010

Coming in hot this week is T-Polar. Coinciding with his new release on AcroplaneZero (review here), as well as another EP on the mighty Digital Distortions label not far behind that.

A diverse producer of the electronic beats is T-Polar’s Gary Spence, make no mistake. He’s in the showcase guest mix this week, for our 72nd Mantis Radio broadcast.

T-Polar has had a long journey through electronica of many shades, from the microhouse stylings of early releases on Takeover Recordings, Morris Audio, and Karloff, to more ambient fare as sitizen on Acroplane, to his gnarly, and at times woozy, post rave music on Nice&Nasty, Digital Distortions, WIDE, L2S, and again Takeover. Recent productions have found their way into sets from Surgeon, Rob Hall and Instra:mental.

He’s put together a very special mix exclusively for us, delving into his 7+ years of production to give up a retrospective of his work.

Essential listening, even if we do say so ourselves.

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