Threnody – Music is Process

Nearly 1 hour and 20 minutes of upfront dubs from Gordon Sweeney, better known as Threnody; together with fresh plates from his extended fam come together for his Music is Process mix.

If you like heavy bass, broken beats and an ever present sense of the grimey then you’ll find much to love. Taking in sound from breakstep, dubstep, grime, mutant bass, dark house and bleep together with a few of Gordon’s upcoming cuts.

The tracklist reads like a who’s who of producers carving their own brutal bassrave path: Dexplicit, Rrritalin, Kanji Kinetic, Succulent-C, Geiom, Side9000, Luke’s Anger, Toasty, Mad EP, Blackmass Plasics and Wascal.

Threnody – Music is Process

Threnody – Bash [dub]
Shimano – An Unusual Sound [Blueprint]
Lucid – Shh (Sam Tiba remix) [Nightshifters dub]
Dexplicit – The Centaur [DXP dub]
Yeahhbuzz – Killinger (Rrritalin remix) [dub]
Kanji Kinetic – Bang Harder (Threnody remix) [dub]
Succulent-C – Grime Time [UK Trends dub]
Threnody – A Certain Space [dub]
Geiom – Row2Land [dub]
Side9000 – Ants [dub]
Luke’s Anger – Earthworm [dub]
Lucid – Togo [Nightshifters dub]
Threnody – Hologram [dub]
Wascal – 12 Sided Dice [dub]
Geiom – Know U [dub]
Bugz In The Attic – Booty La La (Toasty remix) [dub]
Threnody – Fractured [dub]
Blackmass Plastics – Non Ionic [dub]
Mad EP – Haunted (Threnody remix) [Mutate dub]
Moova – Smash Time [UK Trends dub]
The S.K & TMP – Looters [UK Trends dub]
Dexplicit – Pirate cave [DXP dub]
Threnody – Slo Motion [dub]


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