Bombardier + Mahr’s ‘Return To Nothing’ mix

Following on from their excellent joint Absolution EP together, Darkfloor favourite Jason ‘Bombardier’ Snell and the talented studio majesty of Pale Noir’s Mahr have put together a two hour session for TXTBK‘s CHVRCH XV BRXK3N 7ANGvAG3 mixtape series.

The result: a deep, morose trip into the darkest of ambient and noise comprised largely of their own material together with sprinklings of Richard Devine, Lustmord, Elizabeth Veldon and Semiomime.

Turn the lights off, the sound up and say hello to the seductive soundtrack of your nightmare.

Mahr – Neurosis & Traces of her Descent
Utu Lautturi & Faces Of Belmez – RIIPII pt1
Nils Quak – Landschaftsbild Mit Lotophagen
Bombardier – Envy
Bombardier – Artificial Current
Bombardier – Insomnia
Bombardier – Icy Demeanor
Mystified – Bifurcation
Metek Vs. Vmood – 2
Mahr – Counterfeit Cult
Bombardier – Lair
Bombardier – Bioluminescence
Bombardier – PolyCarp
Bombardier – Sodium Vapor
Bombardier – Nightfall
Bombardier – Shortwave Radio
Bombardier – Missing Person
Bombardier – Wounded Escape
Richard Devine – Helix Stair Helve
Atrium Carceri – In Chaos Eternal
Mahr – Nocimon Orcen
Bogdan Raczynski – Samurai Masu Bitsu
Bombardier – Buzzsaw
Bombardier – Abandoned House
Bombardier – Bullet Wound
Bombardier – Basement
Bombardier – Anguish
Bombardier – Hiding
Bombardier – Diner
Bombardier – Evacuation
Bombardier – Last Attack
Bombardier – Dawn
Hecate – Virgin Moon
Lustmord – Cellular Blur
Mahr- Semantics
Mahr – Dreaming of the Dream
Bombardier – Seven Churches
Bombardier – Torture
Bombardier – Perdition
Bombardier – Pale
Bombardier – Interrogation
Bombardier – Sloth
Bombardier – Gluttony
Mahr – Seven Pillars of the Dweller
Seirom – First Snow
Mahr – Bardo
Alessandro Cortini + Turk Dietrich – Instant Paths
Bombardier – Unidentified
Bombardier – Vision of Things to Come
Bombardier – Desolate Area
Bombardier – Stare
Bombardier – PSI
Bombardier – Sands of Time
Voder – Helium Whistle
The Implicit Order & Elizabeth Veldon – We Walked Towards The Hills By Nightfall
Ars Sonor – Nature’s Mistake
Semiomime – Unveiled
Bombardier – Intro (alt 2)
Bombardier – Love & Horror
Bombardier – Surface of the Moon
Bombardier – Sequence 7


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