Melodic Distraction - June 2023 - Darkfloor Sound

Melodic Distraction – June 2023

Listen back to the June edition of our Melodic Distraction radio residency. In the mix — electro, techno, breaks, dark ambient, and some jungle.

Together with being a staff pick at Melodic during the week it aired, the broadcast turned out to be a pretty popular show. Making #1 on the Mixcloud charts in Breaks, Electro, and Industrial. Now, we’re not a show or entity that chases numbers or popularity, but it is nice to see our take on things resonate as it does with listeners. It’s given me a nice warm feeling inside. Thank you for that.

Melodic writes: Darkfloor shell out a bumper crop of new sound emerging from deep within the club scene, with a couple of golden oldies.

June’s show features cuts from Danse Noire, Mord, Weatherall, Hedchef, Client_03, Kamikaze Space Programme, DJ Crystl, Skee Mask, The Advent, Sir Real, Univac, Baby T, and Daniel Avery.

Our next show is Tuesday, July 25. Catch up on any of our broadcasts you might have missed.

Mt. Fuyu – Temple [Danse Noire]
Ricardo Donoso – The Sphinx (Yves De Mey remix) [Digitalis Recordings]
Shards – Wentworth [Mord]
The Woodleigh Research Facility – Brackstone Abroad [Rotters Golf Club]
John Selway – Phase Vortex [Tronic]
Client_03 – Compliance [Client_03]
Hedchef – Perpetual Loop (Joyless Stimulation Mix) [Spinning Around]
Daniel Avery ft. Georgia – Going So Low [Phantasy Sound]
Kamikaze Space Programme – Half Life A [Mord]
David Meiser – Generation Anthems [Dark Vortex]
J.Blofeld – Sicure (James Ruskin remix) [Arkham Audio]
Developer – In Pure Form 10 [Modularz]
Addison Groove – Forgiven [Hotflush Recordings]
Skee Mask – Kordman Return (Swing Mix) [Ilian Tape]
Noiz – Slashback (Scanone remix) [Yellow Machines]
Hedchef – Sharp Relief [Deep Cover]
Farron – Bratanic Surfers [Voitax]
Sir Real – Pyroclastic surge [[k]rack-troni[k]]
Aloka – Brain Confusion [self-released]
The Advent – House Seed [Internal]
Club MCM – Club M.C.M (Alex Bau remix) [Do Not Sleep]
Reeko – Diamond Light [Inceptive]
Lidvall – Hunger [Faut Section]
BRÄLLE – Metastasis (Robert Hoff remix) [Adversarial Machines]
Matraxia – My Dear (Bailey Ibbs remix) [KR Records]
Henning Baer – Faint Static [Pinkman]
Univac – Untitled A2 [Bunker Records]
Madrid 79 – Valencia 89 [Fuego En Casa]
Neil Landstrumm – Something Unspoken [Don’t Recordings]
Baby T – Get To It [Banshee]
Aquarian – Event Horizon [UNO NYC]
DJ Crystl – The Dark Crystl (Remastered) [Hardcore Junglism]
KLIINE – 1 s 0 s [VALE]

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