Meat Beat Manifesto – Re-Animator (Scanner Collapse)

Some 11 years later this unreleased gem surfaces. An intensified remix of Re-Animator by Jack Danger’s industrial breaks behemoth Meat Beat Manifesto. Behind the studio tweakery: Scanner aka Robin Rimbaud.

An unreleased Scanner remix for Meat Beat Manifesto from the sessions for Storm The Studio R.M.X.S. (2002), a more biting and rhythmically intense mix than that which was officially released. Discovered in the archives, amongst many other delights

The remix that saw release is quite different in tone to this monster, so Scanner says. I’m curious to hear the difference between the two. The official M.B.M. site has it in stock (and in digital formats) for the curious. They also have a very short preview sample up, but not really enough of a taste for my liking.


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