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Mantis Radio 63 – Ventolyn & Becotyde

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Ventolyn & Becotyde showcase their beautiful IDM electronics. We play music by Ramandanman, Kenny Larkin. Galaxian, Hoth System, How To Destroy Angels, Raster-Noton …

Adam Beyer – Miami [Mad Eye]
Silicone Soul – 3am (Ghost Mood mix) [Soma Quality Recordings]
How to Destroy Angels – The Space in Between [HTDA]
Frank Bretschneider – mass, blue: aluminate, ventilator [Raster-Noton]
Ramandanman – Glut [Hemlock]
Kenny Larkin – Glob (Ben Klock remix) [Planet E]
Adam Beyer – Dactyl [Mad Eye]
Alavux – NuMinimalCrackhead [unreleased]
Space Dimension Controller – Galactic Effector (Filaria remix) [Acroplane]
Carl Brown – Ambienty (Cornwall ’92 mix) [theCentrifuge]
Fran Hartnett – Sword + Shield [Statis Records]
R – No! [Neuroplant]
Galaxian – Surge v.26 [unreleased]
Jay Lumen – B-Groove (Paul Ritch remix) [Bitten]
Harvey McKay – Shift (Rich Jones remix) [Soma Quality Recordings]
Harvey McKay – Shift [Soma Quality Recordings]
R – Dying Batteries in the 303 [Neuroplant]
brokeBust – The Ballad of Frank Olson [theCentrifuge]

Night Mind Intro
Olpha Tri Mentra
Infrictor Steady Shelled
Xeyf Loom Oiche
Lorn – Army Of Fear (Ventolyn & Becotyde remix)
Olpha Tri Mentra
Deja Switch
Carbon Architects
Exit Body
Rubble Digits vs Ventolyn & Becotyde – Untitled [unreleased]

Mad-Tek – The Dark Age (Ion Driver remix) [Digital Distortions]
Digital Breaks Foundation – Deeper (The Scientifics Deep into the Rabbit Hole remix) [VIM Breaks]
Nymate Association – Definable Function (Molez remix) [Digital Distortions]
Mazzula – Bread and Butter [Bassgun]
DualTRX – blowjob (T.R.O. remix) [Hibrid Records]
Dead Sound + Videohead (DVF) – Bang On [unreleased]
Vector Commander + q p d b – Modulation Complex [Extreme Forces]
Forward Strategy Group – Code#01 [Perc Trax]
Forward Strategy Group – Code#02 [Perc Trax]
Hoth System – Axe Wound [unreleased]
Hoth System – Binary [unreleased]
Rabid Gravy – Terminal Building [unreleased]
Mazzula – Never Liked Vangelis [Bassgun]
Herv – Northern Soulless [theCentrifuge]
Koro Inu – Radar Station (breakbeat version) [unreleased]
Si Begg – My Style (Gyu Apocalypse mix) [unreleased]
How to Destroy Angels – Parasite [HTDA]

Featured Guest

Ventolyn & Becotyde (AKA Rubble Digits) is a young man from the rainy city of Galway, Ireland. Originally a drummer, he started creating tracks in early 2008, highly influenced by the music he was surrounded by growing up. To date, he has made all his productions available for free, 2 albums and an EP, which have been released on netlabels: Section 27, Pavillion 36, Stasis Records, Engine Of Saturation, Bumpfoot, Ideation and the label he founded, Alkalinear.

His music is meticulously constructed detailed sound. Part sound design, part dancefloor, all good. The music is both abstract and challenging and yet accessible and beautiful at the same time. Generally speaking his sound could be classed as IDM, but that is doing V&B a disservice, as his music encompasses a range of styles and disciplines.

Making music is the only way I can happily and accurately express myself. Rather than a quest for originality, my interest lies in creating music that means something to me personally, which is very much down to the sounds I have been submersed in since I was young…. I’m all about the nostalgia.’

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