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Mantis Radio 41 – Acidizer

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Mantis Radio presents Finland’s Acidizer, who as the name suggests is a fan of acid drenched beats. We play music from Untold, FZV, Jacen Solo, Renegade Soundwave, TJ Hertz (Objekt), Juice Aleem and more.

Datashat – Stop The Message (Widescreen Edit) [datassette]
Marc Doudin – Antenna Disortion [Wise Owl Records]
Galerie Stratique – Ochlophobie [Archipel]
Untold – Luna [unreleased]
TJ Hertz – State Space Control (rough mix 1) [unreleased]
FZV – cdlr db reedit [unreleased]
Yavuz Ak – Move (Demir + Seymen remix) [Meleon]
Jacen Solo – Electracid [Digital Distortions]
Sascha Muller – 5 min. Acid Warning (Neurov remix) [Sauer]
Badaszewski – My Reminiscence [Digital Distortions]
Roke – Anabolabim [self released]
zeno – Modular Test3 [zenodubs]
Darren Jones – Nectars Surge [R3tox Digital Recordings]
Peroxide Mocha – Killer B’s (Si Begg Ghetto Mix) [Donut Nook Records]
Renegade Soundwave – The Phantom [Mute Records]
Doktrin – Lizerlijm [Limetree Records]
Juice Aleem – Rock My Hologram [Big Dada] (production by Si Begg)
Marc Doudin – Precious [Wise Owl Records]

K.Larm + J.Raninen – Undervolt [Communiqué Records]
K.Larm + J.Raninen – My Medicine [unreleased]
Healium – Landslide [Communiqué Records]
Acidizer – Neverbeen [unreleased]
K.Larm + J.Raninen – What [unreleased]
Anthony Dupont – Don’t Wanna Stop Dancing Now (K.Larm + J.Raninen remix) [Communiqué Records]
Acidizer – Stitch [unreleased]
Acidizer – Reshoot [Noise Network]
Healium – The Key [Communiqué Records]
K.Larm + J.Raninen – Drop Some Acid [Communiqué Records]

Featured Guest

Finnish musician Acidizer aka J. Raninen played classical piano as a kid, but was more interested in rhythms like those he heard in the electronic music on the radio or from computer games. He ditched the piano and picked up tracker software and begun to compose. Sometime in the mid 90s, inspired by Hardfloor he bought a 303 and formed a band called Healium, with T. Kesäniemi. Their first record came out in ‘99 on Skeletor Records and they began to tour around Finland. Which they’ve been doing ever since.

Healium is currently releasing material on Communiqué records. Following their signing with Skeletor Records, label manager Kalle Karvanen introduced K. Karm to Healium and they began to do special guest star gigs with him. This later developed into the K.Larm & J.Raninen project also releasing on Communiqué.

Occasionally Acidizer produces solo material and it’s this that got Mantis Radio interested. His track Stretch on the excellent net label release of Machine Cut Grooves on the Noise Network blew me away. So much so, I had to get him on the showcase.

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