Sunlight beaming through trees in a wood, blue skies, green grass, marking the 2nd end of year round up for Mantis Radio
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Mantis Radio 323 – End of Year Special part 2

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The second of two End of Year specials highlighting Mike’s favourites from 2020.

Featuring tracks from Flood Trax, Go Hiyama, Darkfloor Sound, Temudo, Scalameriya, Tectonic, Polaar, Locked Club, subduxtion, Deathbomb Arc, Alrealon Musique, Voitax, Jonathan Snipes, Metalheadz, Krust, Nyege Nyege Tapes, Acre Recordings, Minor Science, Grey Meta, Diasiva, Thing, Homemade Weapons, sanmal, Western Lore, Tech Itch Recordings, Sully, Ilian Tape, Enduser and Schemeboy.

Across this extended length show, part 1, and three mixtapes we have condensed our picks into some 10+ hours of year end review.

What were your favourite releases from last year?
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OTHR – Damage Your Pain [KHIDI]
Ovid – Dustbringer [Flood Trax]
Temudo – Stolen [3OD Records]
Go Hiyama – Kaiki [Darkfloor Sound]
Vinicius Honorio – Wasteland [Planet Rhythm]
TWR72 – Whir (VIL remix) [Hayes]
Esther – Hedon Hack [Polaar]
Locked Club – WC [Private Persons]
Scalameriya – Neonorb [47]
MRD – Superwoman feat. Sticky Icky [ARTS]
Peder Mannerfelt – Black Alert [Voam]
Introversion – Myoclonus [ARTS]
Duellist – Hereditary (Swarm Intelligence rework) [Folgsamkeitfaktor]
Cressida – Sambo [Voitax]
Walton – SBWYS [Tectonic]
Teste – Depressive Technoid Slop [LIES]
sclist – Neon Brown [sclist]
Global Goon – Bobba Fett [Balkan Vinyl]
subduxtion – The Frost Line [Alrealon Musique]
Lauren Bousfield – Crawling Into A Fireplace Cackling [Deathbomb Arc]
Isabella – Take One and Two [iDEAL Recordings]
OnScreenActor – A Colour Scene [Peder Mannerfelt Produktion]
Pessimist – Ridge Racer Revolution [Ilian Tape]
Opine Ko$insky – XXX [Acre Recordings]
Duma – Sin Nature [Nyege Nyege Tapes]
Minor Science – For Want of Gelt [Whities]
Jonathan Snipes – Devil Baby [Jonathan Snipes]
Jacob – Cliche Jungle Track Title [Grey Meta]
sanmal – Datsu [MYORPH]
Diasiva – Salem [Acroplane Recordings]
Dillinja – Grimey (Default Appreciation remix) [Default]
Adred & Jamal – Autofacs [Metalheadz]
Levela – Reap What You Sow (feat.Jakes) [Critical Music]
Obeisant – War [Locked Concept]
Roho – Dark Forest [Samurai Music]
Krust – Hegel Dialect [Crosstown Rebels]
Homemade Weapons – Cicatrix (Hoji remix) [Weaponry]
Thing – Dreams Of Reality [Dubthing]
sanmal – †w3n†y †w3n†y [sanmal]
Eusebeia – Respect [Western Lore]
Sully – Poison [Astrophonica]
Brakken – TX – 167 [Tech Itch Recordings]
Andrea – Lana [Ilian Tape]
Metaman – Zipper (Electroware remix) [Won Ton Records]
Enduser – End of a Beginning (Scheme Boy remix) [Enduser]

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