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Mantis Radio 291 – Orb Tapes

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Stepping into our session selection seat this week we’ve central Pennsylvania based experimental and extreme music label Orb Tapes. Book ending their mix, music by Lockjaw, Skee Mask, Di Martinelli and Prequel Tapes, Huck Farper, Countersunk’s 101 Beats Per Minute, end.user, Dom & Roland, Radioactive Man, Yan Cook, and The Stooges.

Lockjaw – Without You (Grey Code remix) [Locked Concept]
Mirage – Deep Rage [Odysee Records]
Skee Mask – DJ A.Sieff [Infinite Drift]
Di Martinelli – TIDES (Prequel Tapes remix) [Clare Records]
Huck Farper – Run [self-released]
101 Beats Per Minute – Victory [Countersunk]
Room of Wires – Radical Eyes [self-released]
enduser – I Could Stop If I Wanted To [Ad Noiseam]
Dom & Roland – DMT (feat Hive) [Metalheadz]
Opine Ko$insky – Version (version) [Acre Recordings]
BIG BRAVE – Holding Pattern [Southern Lord]

Dere Moans – The Innocence of Craters
Alexander Adams & Modo Koagon – Dan Aykroyd
Bubba Crumrine – IRAOFFYRSLF
Joe Limbus – Totentanz
Color Television – Tonalli
Lucas Brode / Matt Luczak / Bobby Spellman / Spreaders – When I was younger I used to think.
Crank Sturgeon – False Hello
Fischkopf Sinfoniker – Battle Hymn (ft. K. Ketzner)
sewing circle – the blinding light
SKAG ARCADE – Cambodian Necktie
Torschlusspanik – Crinkler
Galaxxu – Ghggghgghrog (Jumper Hound)
Sugar Pills Bone – I’ve Got a Finger
Phoned Nil Trio – Plan-handler forgets to… something-something (while thine neighbor waits in resurgent pretense)
Proud-Father – Semillas de Manzanas
BRICKS – America Is Just A Word But I Use It
Angelwings Marmalade – Inside The Cove

The Stooges – Wanna Be A Dog [Elektra]
Ara-u & Radioactive Man – The Last Waltz [Asking For Trouble]
Yan Cook – Miles Below The Surface [Arts X Series]

Featured Guest

Stepping into the session this week US based label Orb Tapes.

Orb release a wide range of experimental and extreme music and, as such, are not limited to any single genre or style, an ethos much like our own at Mantis Radio and Darkfloor. From ambient to harsh noise, free jazz to grindcore, drone to plunderphonics, and everything in between, Orb Tapes’ focus on a blend of experimentation and extremity. I’ve been following their output for a few years after coming across the excellent punk channelling hardcore band BRICKS who put out their self titled debut in early 2017.

Label head James (Teuthis Galore, and one half Moth Bucket) has put together a mix of current and forthcoming material. A selection that is adventurous, heavily abrasive, noisy, and most very captivating.

For show number 291 we welcome Orb Tapes.

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