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Mantis Radio 188 – Deapmash

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Our guest this week on Mantis is French techno bass producer Deapmash. And we’ve fresh sound from the likes of Dead Fader, Billain, Monolake, Ali Berger, Christian Wunsch, and Filip Xavi.

Darkfloor Sound · Mantis Radio 188 – Deapmash

Dead Fader – Easy Sun [Touchin’ Bass]
Simplicity Is Beauty – A Lullaby For Broken Mechanisms [unreleased]
Tantalum – Propranolol (80mg Dose) [unreleased]
Billain – Kingston Drone [Eatbrain]
Gydra and Mailky – 7 Circles [Bad Taste Recordings]
Monolake – Error [Imbalance Computer Music]
Rude Failure – Uncertainty [COUM Records]
MB – We Only Have [Bio-Rhythm]
Christian Wunsch – Optical Illusion [Soma Records]
Mr Killen – Groove Lapse [Deep Garnet Records]
A001 – Noverca [Mord]
Filip Xavi – Panic No Panic [Sonntag Morgen]
Elektrikall, Mekanikall Lab – 9mm [Mekatronik Records]
RE_P – Rhodesian Light Infantry (Perc remix) [Genesa Records]
Ali Berger – WKL [The Nite Owl Diner]
Chris Liven – Crystal Grid [Armatura]

RE-P – Rhodesian Light Infantry (Perc remix)
Joefarr – Clock
Joyless – I Hear Voices
Luis Flores – Program
Deapmash – Blackout
Randomer – Stupid Things I Do (Oldschool Mix)
Captain Flash – The Right Kind Of Wrong
Oliver Deutschmann – Confuzed
Clouds – Elevator Girl
Matrixxman – Switchblade
Charles Fenckler – District Two
Ambivalent – DX1 Foldup
Heiko Laux + Diego Hostettler – Chicken Understood (Truncate remix)
Bodhi – 88 (Shadow Child + S.P.Y remix)
Deapmash + Raito – Quantum Vision

Featured Guest

Deapmash‘s Julien Saillenfait has with each release walked to his own bass heavy technoid path. His forthcoming material on Soul Notes, his first on vinyl, continues the high grade club cuts we salivate over. So much so we played cuts from it two shows in a row.

Currently to be found working in the studio with Benjamin Damage, we’ve heard rumours of James Zabiela signing material. His exclusive session for Mantis Radio is a bit of a roller and a bit of a rinser, and it seems we both quite like that forthcoming Perc remix of RE_P for Genesa.

Saillenfait’s debut EP on the black wax – Blackout – drops October 23rd.

Mantis Radio returns September 15th with a session from junglist Tim Reaper.

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