Doryk – Because You Don’t Even Know

Robert Kiss aka Doryk aka P.C.M.N. is the man responsible for the Audioexit techno netlabel. He recently completed this mix and it’s well worth an hour of your headspace. Featuring lots of netaudio tracks which you’ll be able to download legally for free.

The selection of techno on offer is hard edged, dark tinged, no messing heads down rolling. Which is what we love here at

Doryk – Because You Don’t Even Know

Skirt – Black Widow [unreleased]
Tom SPL – Scorpion Walking (Wildcrush’s Running mix) [Audioexit]
Gabeen – Reincarnation [Audioexit]
Drugstore – Eden [Audioexit]
Plastic Loopz – Inner Fear [unreleased]
Plastic Loopz – Seppuku [unreleased]
Tom SPL – Scorpion Walking (Pablo Bosio remix) [Audioexit]
Drugstore – Black Widow [Audioexit]
Maztika – Innocent Until Caught (Doryk remix) [Furanum]
Balatro – Demon Arrived (Plastic Loopz remix) [unreleased]
Arrestar – Prayer [Ante-Rasa]
Drugstore – Imminent Departure [Audioexit]
Darren Jones – On The Dee [Kaktus Recordings]
Doryk – Fear Factor [Zimmer]
Plastic Loopz – Purple (Deep Silence remix) [Darkaudio]
Siege – Ouja Cell [Ante-Rasa]
Doryk – Conclusion [Zimmer]
Plastic Loopz – The Judgement [Darkaudio]
Po – Jeanette [Ante-Rasa]
Doryk – Thriller [Zimmer]
Plastic Loopz – Machina Natura [Darkaudio]
Casual Violence – Tear This From Me [Biomechanics]
Cyp – Explain Away [Biomechanics]


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