the Darkfloor Daily – 09.10.2013

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Cast your minds back to January of this year. Channel 4 aired what was, arguably, their best dramatic offering in years: Utopia.

This innovative conspiracy thriller was dark, quirky, stylish and cinematic. I absolutely adored it but something that stood out in particular for me was Christobal Tapia De Veer‘s incredible score. His unconventional sampling techniques and extreme processing of (his wife’s) vocals ticked all the right boxes for me. He managed to recode the unsettling nature and black humour of the series into music that works just as well when listened to in isolation as within the context of the show. The OST of Utopia has been available digitally for a while but this week, finally, Christo’s amazing soundtrack has been released on CD!

Buy from Silva Screen Records (they’re also selling FLACs). A second series has been commissioned, which will air next year. I’d urge you to check out The Utopia Enquiry website. It has a ton of info on issues raised by the show, such as over-population and government surveillance, as well as some great little games.

I’m pretty excited that Clipping. are playing some live dates in the UK this month. I’m thinking their noise based beats are going to be BRUTAL through a big system.

The full list of UK/EU shows is here. The Brighton gig on the 20th is FREE but reserving tickets for £1.40 to guarantee admission might be advisable.

Emily Watson, founder of label Room Silent, is hosting two new radio shows –
Girl Scouts is going out weekly on Brighton’s Radio Reverb – it aims to showcase and celebrate women in creative industries, with a particular focus on women in electronic music. The pilot show sounds great and I’m very much looking forward to hearing more.

ROOMSILENT radio show begins tonight (Weds 8-10pm fortnightly) on Future Music FM. It’ll feature leftfield electronica and, of course, Room Silent artists.

The new Broken20 label radio show for Future Music FM that I mentioned last week was excellent, as anticipated. If you missed it, it’s now available to stream or download from the FM archive.

My latest Connect The Dots show went out on Sunday. It’s available to stream on the shows Mixcloud page, and is now also available to download from the FM archives.

Lastly but not leastly, Jimmy Cauty (KLF, The Orb etc) has a new exhibition showing at Arch 402 in Hoxton, London. Itt runs until the 20th October.

I’ll leave you with a trailer for THE AFTERMATH DISLOCATION PRINCIPLE Parts I & II.

I’m thinking this really has to be seen up close to be believed! Check his Twitter feed for some exhibition stills – this “small world re-enactment spectacular” has been created with mind-boggling detail.


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