Jeff Mills’ Exhibitionist 2 trailer

Coming in September is Jeff Mills Exhibitionist 2.

Whilst the first, released over a decade ago, presented an excellent view of Mills at it (see below), for his follow-up he intends something more –

“to show spontaneity, improvisation, using the mind to create something to translate to machines and then to you the listener”

The first Exhibitionist DVD got watched many times back when it came out in 2004. It was one of my favourite things to watch on the craft of DJing, the only real alternate option that wasn’t a DMC scratch video. His 11 year later second film looks like it could be the same. Most notably he’s no longer on 3 Technics decks, but on the ubiquitous CDJ (and a certain Roland machine). I can’t wait to watch (and most likely re-watch) when it drops in September, I’ll bet most of you feel the same.

Later this month Axis and Mills will release the first of 3 EPs – Exhibitionist 2 Part 1.

The EPs serve as an introduction to the Detroit native’s new effort to go behind the scenes and inside the mind of an electronic musician. All the tracks were written by Jeff Mills specifically for the project and will feature in the Studio Mix on the DVD, where you can get an inside view as to how some of the tracks were created.

Mills on his upcoming DVD –

Expanding the art forms in Dance Music has always been an agenda that needs constant monitoring because it has the ability to evolve and develop each and every idea. At angles that are not easy to see or understanding for most of the listening and dancing audiences, I’ve always felt that Dance music would make more sense to the people if they were allowed chances to understand how the music is being programmed and made – to witness this process from beginning.

The Exhibitionist 2 DVD is designed to go even deeper into the art form to display, not only how a DJ uses the latest technology, but how he thinks in real time to create and work spontaneously like a musician playing an acoustic instrument or a soloist thinking of rhythms on-the-spot. This is a rare opportunity to see how the technology of today is allowing DJs to be more free and thus, more creative.

And just because, here’s the Exhibitionist Mix from the first DVD.


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