PRIMER: Interjector

PRIMER: An Introduction to Interjector

PRIMER is an introductions mix series produced by Darkfloor for Mantis Radio. Following on from the series debut – introducing the sound and solo career of Surgeon – for our next mix I’d like to introduce you to the work of British producer Interjector.

For over 20 years Matt Faulker has produced a range of electronic music under a myriad of monikers. From his early glitch work as Fracas in the early 2000s, his sound design work as Akousmatter, to his clubbier dance cuts as Shuffling Strangefoot, Matt is a producer with a restless drive to develop his sound. In 2014 he remixed composer Cristobal Tapia de Veer’s haunting theme from cult Channel 4 TV show Utopia, and began working with fine artists producing multichannel installation sound design. Over the years his music has evolved to where it is now, using, mangling and manipulating found sound in place of synths and generated material. Interjector is this latest iteration.

In late 2019 Darkfloor Sound released his track Exert as part of our Winter Solstice compilation. Last month we released Parashimmers, his debut EP as Interjector. His panel beaten headspace industrial techno is, let’s be honest, exceptional. And all built from layers of textured rhythm. PRIMER charts from there to here, today.

Fracas – Shoreline [unreleased] (2000)
Fracas – The Wrong Thong Song [unreleased] (2004)
Akousmatter – Concrete Head [unreleased] (2007)
StrangePause – Punching A Corpse (feat. Pause) [unreleased] (2010)
Shuffling Strangefoot – Speciation [self released] (2012)
Shuffling Strangefoot – Pump Groove [unreleased] (2013)
Akousmatter – Street Scanner [self-released] (2013)
Akousmatter – Swamp Network [self-released] (2013)
Cristobal Tapia de Veer – Utopia Overture (Shuffling Strangefoot Respiratory Hack remix) [Silva Screen Records] (2014)
Shuffling Strangefoot – Modal Vortex [self-released] (2014)
Shuffling Strangefoot – Spooky Warmths [unreleased] (2017)
Shuffling Strangefoot – Bradbury Jungle [unreleased] (2018)
Interjector – Brockwell Plastic Dome (Scape edit) [unreleased] (2018)
Akousmatter – Sirens of Passage (feat. Sci Fi Choir) [self-released] (2019)
Interjector – Anx [unreleased] (2020)
Interjector – Post Swim [unreleased] (2019)
Interjector – Concrete Layers [unreleased] (2019)
Interjector – Clunking Space [unreleased] (2021)
Interjector – Untitled [unreleased] (2021)
Interjector – Source Noise [unreleased] (2021)
Shuffling Strangefoot – Tickler (2021)
Interjector – Designer [Darkfloor Sound] (2022)
Interjector – Pensive [Darkfloor Sound] (2022)


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