Rob Hall – Appendix A. New Shirt? May 2011

A new mix from Rob Hall is always something that grabs my attention. Whilst there has been the occasional live recording of his sets that has surfaced over the years, this is the first studio mix from Rob in over 3 years and he promises more are to come.

Rob had the following to say of his mix New Shirt?:

I find it hard to believe that 3 years have passed since i completed my 12 month mix series marathon. In that time i have published a number of sets that were recorded in a live / club / festival environment but i could no longer resist the urge to compile a studio based mix in the vein of the series.

In fact this will be the first in a number of ‘appendix’ additions to the original 12 chapter story. I’m not promising the regularity of output that i achieved in 2007/2008 but i can say that it won’t be 3 years till the next one!

The set, entitled ‘New Shirt?’ comprises recent purchases and some other tracks that have made a significant impression on me in the 3 years since the series, and i’ve tried mostly not to cover the same ground that i’ve already put forward in the interim live recordings.

Enjoy the mix.

Rob Hall – Appendix A. New Shirt? May 2011

Global Goon – Clatterly
Jimmy Edgar – Sleight Of Mouth (Coushin Rmx)
Silent Servant – Sdsmp01 A1 (Regis Edit)
Machinedrum – Meanmean
A Made Up Sound – Demons
Martyn – Left Hander
Rivet – Inside Looking Out
2562 – This Is Hardcore
Cosmin TRG – Izolat
Slackk – Fire Flies
Samuli Kemppi – Bang
Posthuman – Lander
Exium – Flood Runner
Helvetikone – Exocrine
SBTRKT – The Unspoken
Boddika – Syn Chron
Reeko – The Day After Part 5
Model 500 – Huesca
Exium – Avoid The Ritual
Fran Hartnett – It Was Written In Vapour
Pangaea – Wont Hurt
Rivet – Vermont
Jam City – Arpjam
Boddika – Boddika’s House
Patscan – Dry Rise


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