Jerome Hill’s Acid Mix / 1987-2010

I’m a few months late with posting this up, seeing as Jerome upped it back in early July. But it’s here now, so all is right with the world. As the title makes quite clear this is the mighty Londoner Jerome Hill, the man behind Don’t Records, laying down a selection of his favourite acid tracks spanning some 23 years.

In his own words:
It’s been ages since I had a mix at home… this might have even been the first this year. Anyway, this is a mix of some of my favourite acid records… There’s one or two in there with no 303, but the feeling’s still there (for me anyway).

Oldskool mashed in with the newskool. Mixed on decks, no effect, no computers etc…


Adrenalin M.O.D. -Track This [1988]
Party Boy – The Twilight Zone [1988]
Laurent X – Machines [1988]
Bobby Konders – Nervous Acid [1990]
Charles B – Lack of Love [1988]
Rodney Bakerr – Flashback [1994]
MC. Juice – Juiceapella [1989]
Adrenalin M.O.D. – Ecstasy [1988]
Technodelia – Technodelia [1989]
Phuture – Acid Tracks [1987]
Kool Rock Steady – I’ll Make You Dance [1988]
Matt Whitehead – Lets Dance [2010]
Jared Wilson – Paris Massacre [2010]
Gesloten Cirkel – Swedish Woman [2009]
Basic Soul Unit – Jak’d Freq (Made Up Sound remix) [2010]
Ceephax Acid Crew – Radiotin EP [1998]
Jared Wilson – Office Analogue [2009]
Moody Boys – Funky Zulu You’re So Fresh [1990]
Basic Penetration – Penetration [1990]
Outrage – Too Much Energy [1991]
Ecstasy Club – Jesus Loves the Acid [1988]
Fuse – Substance Abuse [1991]
Fuse – FU2 [1991]
Bam Bam – Give It To Me [1988]
Essit Musique – Essit Musique [1994]
Jared Wilson – Ghetto Blaster [2009]
Underground Resistance – Seawolf [1992]
Freddy Fresh – Punched Out [1996]
Wee Pappa Girl Rapers – Heat It Up (Saunderson remix) [1988]
Public Energy – Three-o-Three [1992]
LD Jam Inc. – Uptown Dub [1989]


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