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New York Trax drop us a 4 decade all-NYC artist session. Before that, we’ve music from Mark Fell, Minor Science, Paleman, Khost, Phon.o, Huck Farper, CW/A, and Huron.

Mark Fell – Part 1 The Occultation of 3C 273 [Editions Mego]
The Science – The Sea And I [Methlab Recordings]
CW/A – ContainmentGrid [Parachute]
Merovee – Drone Desolation Field [Less Is Techno]
Huron – Ghost In The Mirror [Mindtrick Records]
Petridisch – The Unknown Rabbit [I Heart Noise]
Vortm – War God [Metaphor]
Grey Branches – Split Limb [Inner Surface Music]
Formshirt – How Much Can You Take [Bass Agenda]
Alex Coulton – Ground Zero [Tempa]
Minor Science – Underripe [Whities]
Bleaching Agent – Operai [Power Vacuum]
Paleman – Built From Papyrus [Paleman]
Ghost In The Machine – Hold My Drink [Perc Trax]
Huck Farper – Sour Toe Cocktail [Pitch Dark Recordings]
Gundam – Light Yo Ass Up [Gundam]
9nine – TsuzukuTsuzuku (Prettybwoy remix) [Prettybwoy]
Phon.o – U8 Phunk [Tectonic]
Khost – Coven (Adrian Stainburner remix) [Cold Spring]

Joey Beltram – Energy Flash [Transmat] 1990
Looney Tunes (Lenny Dee & Frankie Bones) – Inject The Beat [Nu Groove] 1990
Backroom Productions – Definition of a Track [New York Underground Records] 1989
Mundo Muzique – Acid Pandemonium [R&S Records] 1991
The Original Creators – Flashback 86 [Strictly Rhythm] 1994
Arrivers – Baptism of Fire [Things to Come] 1995
Wavelan – It Will Stand [Industrial Strength Records] 1994
Prozac – Leverkusen Cream [Disko B] 1996
Prototype 909 – The Kids Don’t Care [Schmer] 1996
Richard Hinge – Mechanic Rhythm [Disko B] 1999
400 PPM – Sintered Bauxite [Avian] 2017
Person of Interest – Call This Number [L.I.E.S] 2014
Hound Scales – Princip (Rubble Dub 1) [Fifth Wall] 2014
Boris Brenecki – The Oven [New York Trax] 2016
Steve Stoll – She Rises Up [New York Trax] 2017
Antenes – Fire Rises [L.I.E.S] 2015
Bookworms – Control That [L.I.E.S] 2015
Enrique – K-Town [Bank Records] 2016
Disciples of Annihilation – NYC Speedcore [MOSH] 1997


Founded by Nicole Gier in Brooklyn in 2015 New York Trax was formed as a place to release New York based and New York born producers – adding a year later the offshoot New York Trax Imports as an outlet for producers from across the globe.

Gier’s imprint builds on the city’s illustrious history, continuing the legacy of heavy rhythmic electronics, infusing equal parts techno, hardcore and industrial. The label’s catalogue already includes material from Richard Hinge, Ontal’s Boris Brenecki, Alex Alben, Steve Stoll, Løt.te, Dawid Dahl, Another Alias and will soon include Greek techno powerhouse Endlec.

Her session for Mantis Radio is a four decade spanning mix of personal favourites and influential tracks by New York artists from 1989 to 2017. Covering various genres from house and breaks to electro and full on hardcore techno, her mix showcases the diversity, originality and sheer talent that continues to come out of New York.

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