Carl A. Finlow to release his entire output digitally

Are you a fan of electro. Proper, dark, often dystopian flavoured deep machine flexing sound. You are. Well then this news will interest you greatly.

Stalwart UK electro producer and for the past few years French citizen; Carl A. Finlow aka Silicon Scally aka Voice Stealer aka Random Factor aka… you get the idea, has begun to release his back catalogue on the self publishing platform Bandcamp. I’m told this is going to include unreleased material together with work previously only available on limited run vinyl. So expect some gems to surface as he builds the profile discography up.

At present he’s 2 releases up; an unreleased 8 track album as Voice Stealer and 1997’s The All Electric House, also recorded under the Voice Stealer alias.

I should also point out that that other prolific UK electro producer Scape One has been upping a serious wedge of his back catalogue to Bandcamp this year.


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