Alavux – Beyond Electro 2010 AD Live Act

If anyone here doesn’t like electro, now is the time to leave.

Alavux, the electro producer behind the great Currently Constructed EP, as well as countless others including several on the slamming electro label Twilight 76, has been working on his live performance. At the time of publication details are sketchy regarding the actual live setup involved  (if I get anymore details I’ll be sure to add em up here).

He’s given up a recording of where he’s at with it, resulting in a great mix with some jackin’ pounding phat electro going off. So listen, download, comment. You have been briefed…

Alavux is one the responsible people for spreading the fresh electro sound from Eastern Europe with his E75 Records crew. His vision is merging electro and techno and unusual sounds into one matter known as music . Creating Sound Packs for “Zenhiser” Media Company based in Australia , broadcasting a radio show “Emiter” on radio Elektrana in Serbia , releasing for E75 Records , Twilight76 Online , ToyFriend Music , Teskoba Records few to name , releasing free patches for various synths like Itchy Synths Overdose , supported work from Dave Clarke ,Odessa Soundfreaks , Paul Blackford , Martin Evolvah , Dominance Electricity , Rob Real and others . played with his favorited dj’s and producers from various style of music that he like and produce like Charles Siegling from Techansia , Jeff Mills , Jessie Voorn , Paul Voolford , Chris Liberator , ManasyT , Crobot Crew , JJ Innervision, Bass Junkie , Lloyd Da Zoyd and Diplomat , Dagobert and lot of Serbian Djs and Live Acts. One of the regular performers on Elektrana Stage on Exit Festival since his foundation in 2005, also performed on various electronic music festivals near by like Croatia , Slovenia , Bulgaria and so on .

Alavux – Beyond Electro 2010 AD Live Act
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Hot Streak – Body Work Into
Alavux – Imperial Path
Alavux – Generation 1980
Alavux – Backdrop Beat
Alavux – Space Lounge
Alavux – Machine Dance
Alavux – Minimal Expression
Alavux – Tha One
Alavux – Jackin’
Alavux – Good Time
Alavux – Do Dat(Cisco)
Alavux – Phone Home
Alavux – Zen Mythology
Alavux – Natasha’s Funk
Alavux – Space Track
Alavux – 3,14
Alavux – Moj Grad
Alavux – SlowStep
Alavux – Ghetto Trash feat JJ MC


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