Inigo Kennedy – TS0002

One month ago we upped his first TS session, and convention goes that this should be the 2nd of the TS sessions. As I gushed back then and indeed over his frankly killer set for Mantis RadioInigo Kennedy knows how to construct a great techno set and to throw in outside elements taming them within his techno aesthetic.

In this particular case slipping in AFX, Autechre, Clark and LFO into understated yet direct techno from the likes of Lucy, Death Abyss, Coefficient, Jeff Mills, Samuli Kemppi, Forward Strategy Group as well as a couple of choice cuts from his own back catalogue. Recorded January 29, 2011.


Death Abyss – Crossing The Abyss [MAK029]
Samuli Kemppi – Bang [Mrecltd006]
Lucy – Beautiful People [MOTE019]
Planetary Assault Systems – Gt (P.A.S Drone Sector remix) [MOTE018]
Sandwell District – Hunting Lodge [Sd2x1201]
Jolka – Five (Surgeon remix) [Sect6r]
Submerge – Black Mamba (Original mix) [MOTE016]
Samuli Kemppi – Bounce [Mrecltd006]
Marcel Fengler – Thwack [MOTE017]
Death Abyss – Jonathan E V2 [MAK029]
Jeff Mills – Radiation Storm [Xecd-1122]
The End Of All Existance (A2) [End000]
Justin Berkovi – Backshredding (Forward Strategy Group remix) [Perc Trax]
Reality Or Nothing – Untitled (Ch Signal mix) [Rsb9]
Jeff Mills – The Visitor [Xecd-1122]
Shutter – Natterjack (A1) [Hem001]
Coefficient – Inverse Resonance [Duality002d]
Inigo Kennedy – Untitled (2010_12_05) [dub]
Lucy – Happiness Is A Prison [MOTE019]
Jeff Mills – Mysterious Stars [Xecd-1122]
Inigo Kennedy – Albedo [Asymp3020]
Inigo Kennedy – Wayang Golek [Asymp3017]
Khoiba – Terribly (Asymmetric Linn Version 4) [dub]
Inigo Kennedy – Obsidian [TOKEN017]
Choice – Acid Eiffel [Frg-6]
808 State – Flow Coma [Cat080LP]
Autechre – M62 [Wap505]
Blind Summit – Motion Departure (Voidloss Paradise Beats mix) [Sin009]
AFX – Bodmin 1 [Analord06]
Clark – Ache Of The North [WARPLP162]
Inigo Kennedy – Five Ways To Move (A1) [Asy005]


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