oyaarss in session tonight, for Mantis Radio.

Mantis Radio 94 – oyaarss
Broadcasting 2000 GMT on futuremusic FM

So we keep it on the Eastern side of Europe this week, following on from the Dutch techno mastery that was Bas Mooy to present a Baltic producer constantly pushing his sonic palette to its limit – oyaarss.

Latvian born and bred oyaarss describes his own music as “lullabies for decadent people“, mainly due to the subtle aftertaste of uneasiness it leaves.

Being a staunch admirer of dystopian novels, post/math-metal, contemporary minimalist music and obscene distortion, has all left a massive footprint in his music, and the only thing you will fail to find in his icy landscapes is a gentle summer breeze. In a very weird way, indeed, it works as a soothing lullaby praising all that is cold, uneasy and eerie, and the heavy industrial harshness is merely a side-effect.


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