Create Her – Commit I, II, III.

Recently a triple digital EP release crossed my path and I was blown away by the quality of it. I still am to be honest. Create Her is a new production name for Jonathan Baruc – who co runs (with Your Move) New York netlabel end fence. That label has released some great music since its inception in 2010 – mostly on a deeper beats electonica tip featuring work from amongst others, Archie Pelago and De Qualia (Baruc).

The sound of Create Her comes with that same studio nurture but is something altogether different and very Darkfloor in nature. The EPs were recorded as and operate in a collective continuation of a concept. Entitled Commit I, II and III the triptych of electronica Baruc has produced here is techno/technoid and at several points along the way quite hard. Ticking the boxes for us lot then.

Recorded as a result of  his apparent lack of ability to maintain a relationship whilst creating music and getting lost in the studio the tracks serve to process this realisation. Producing music, good music, like any creative pursuit, requires amongst things like talent, a big time commitment to learn and hone the craft. As many producers out there can attest, producing solo electronic music can be a very anti-social thing – which means that burgeoning relationship can take a hit.

Baruc admits as much

[I] can’t keep a girlfriend cause I sit on my laptop, playing with sounds

So whilst the scene is set, what does the music sound like? Well, first track in on I and I’m very impressed with that dark as hell growl on Animus. It builds into a driving shadow piece. Anima is a cerebral techno piece that keeps the dark vibe of Animus but adds a claustrophobic feel.

EP II opens with the progressive industrial sheen of Brynhild & Sigurd – sort of early dubstep in vibe – loads of atmosphere and pensive fear. Javier continues further into techno with a track that I’d describe as having an industrial gargle to it. Ulrica meanwhile approaches something altogether more grandeur with that lead, horn-like synth – it’s quite nightmarish in the imagery it conjures up.

From EP III the opening track of Christina Kleve blossoms into a thundering electro’d kick, techno cut. Sharp, slicing percussion that propels the energy along – fantastic. Seirene presents industrial grade lurk and step grinding rhythm with shimmers of colours. They All Wake Me is the drone piece of this triple EP collection – yet the detail of the atmospherics comes to play with wing flutters of noise nestled in the undercurrent widescreen drone. It feels like the closer yet builds, almost birthing something for the epilogue, which comes in the form of Flyting. This is a tribal drum send off which rolls into a hard edged techno breaks piece which unleashes the energy, that beast that EPs tracks have been leading up to.

Having listened to all 3 EPs in succession now, several times – do these work as a collective whole? Yes. In fact this is pretty much an album to me. An album in 3 parts.

I don’t know about you but the best albums tend to be the ones you don’t see coming – no hype behind them – just great music that resonates. And that is exactly what Commit is. Fine, fine work this.


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