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Mantis Radio 278 – DVNT

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DVNT flies solo on this edition of Mantis Radio. Getting into the mix, with new music by Ben Frost, and a cut from the forthcoming Fluff & Metalogue.

Plus, recent cuts from Djrum, Silicon Scally, Forest Swords, and Ontal. And some beat beasts from Dax J, AFX, Limewax and Clark too! As well as something from Peter Gabriel.

CONAN – Total Conquest (Live) [Napalm Records]
Kowalski – Der Körper Bin Ich [Virgin]
Fluff & Metalogue – Second Wave
Plaster – 7k_Lok (Atmogat remix) [Crazy Language]
Ben Frost – Eurydice’s Heel [Mute]
Peter Gabriel – The Feeling Begins [Real World Records]
Roman Flügel – Parade [Dial]
Silicon Scally – Rift [CPU Records]
Hugo Massien – Kontrol [XL Recordings]
AFX – minipops 67 (Source Field Mix) [Warp Records]
Clark – Banjo [Warp Records]
Chaos In The CBD – Multiverse [In Dust We Trust]
Rhys Fulber – Creosote [Sonic Groove]
Ontal – Infliction [Ontal Series]
Kareem – Hinrich [Zhark Recordings]
Forest Swords – Panic [Ninja Tune]
Witchman vs Jammin’ – Sub-Urban Pt 1 [Blue Planet Recordings]
Djrum – Sex [R&S Records]
Dax J – Dreamscape [Monnom Black]
Gatto Nero – Woofer [HANDS]
Zimbra Sound – Locked [Yarn Audio]
Wulffluw XCIV & Nahshi – Latente (Syn remix) [Ashida Park]
Sheryl Nome – Pink Monsoon (cuxrixous remix) [Prettybwoy]
Dom & Roland – Steam (The Final Chapter) [Metalheadz]
Manix – Hardcore Junglism (Total Science remix) [Reinforced Records]
Limewax – Escape [Tech Freak Recordings]

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