Inigo Kennedy

Inigo Kennedy – TS0006

It doesn’t seem that it was a month ago that we had the last instalment of Inigo Kennedy‘s ongoing TS mix series, but I’m reliably informed a month has past. A direct result of which means that we’ve got a new mix for June.

Another 90 minutes of Inigo’s adept selection skills and talented programming ability lie ahead with yet another brilliant selection of techno. Inigo pushes techno that little bit further indeed as far as dropping something from Ram Records mainstay Origin Unknown.

I shouldn’t need to say that this is essential to anyone with even the passing interest in decent electronica but particularly if you enjoy techno.


Aiken – Mer [Semantica038]
Dadub – Metropolis [Sa009]
Inigo Kennedy – Yearning [Semantica035]
Phase – Dome Argus [Token018]
Sleeparchive – Ronan Point Two [Tresor243]
Auction For The Promise Club – Liquid (Inigo Kennedy remix) [dub]
Surgeon – Those Who Do Not [DTRLP2]
Never Existed Boy – Mechanical 57 [DGR005]
Stansislav Tolkachev – Yes, Today [Pohltd01]
Surgeon – Radiance [DTRLP2]
Lapse – Infinite Regress [Duality003d]
Reducer – Cascade (B1) [INS007]
Robert Pain – Scena II [TPR005]
Inigo Kennedy – In Penumbra [Asymp3011]
Georgio Gigli – Indifferent Sight [Mrecltd08]
Silent Servant – El Mar (Svreca Rmx 1) [Semantica21.5]
Inigo Kennedy – At The Edge Of The World [Asymp3006]
Inigo Kennedy – Shards Connect (01) [Asymp3002]
Inigo Kennedy – Power [Trust]
DJ Slip – Broken Cake [Missile032]
Tobias Von Hofsten – Refined [Sthlm001]
Takaaki Itoh – Pointless Life [Wols003]
Surgeon – Klonk (A1) [Dtr007]
Takaaki Itoh – I Hate You Til The Day I Die (A1) [Sh039]
Casual Violence – Maybe We Are [At003]
Andariel – Dreamer [Sin003]
CYP – Scare [Poh004]
Donnacha Costello – 6.6 (Original Mix) [Min026]
Steve Poindexter – Work That Motha F*Cker [Mr001]
Grovskopa – Sex And Violins (Surgeon remix) [Token008]
Maurice – This Is Acid [Wsmcd088]
Inigo Kennedy – Cloudless [Semantica35]
Alex Bau – Don’ Blame It On Me [Dmom07]
Unknown – Pretty Boys Don’t Survive Up North [Hate002]
Origin Unknown – Valley Of The Shadows [RAMM16]
303 Nation – Double Speed Mayhem [Mmi9448]
Inigo Kennedy – Jednu Dvanactku (B2) [Asy012]
Inigo Kennedy – The Secondary (A1) [Asy002]
Autechre – Bronchusevenmx [WARPCD211]


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