DVNT, live at Desolate, London / 07.11.2014

It’s been quiet here at Darkfloor for the past few weeks due to a trip to Tokyo. That and just getting lost in the realities of life. But, we’ve a few mixes lined up and new content will be added presently.

The first of the new mixes is a set from myself (DVNT) recorded live at London’s fledgling night Desolate back in early November. Following the hugely underrated Gareth Clarke was always gonna be a tall order. Being the last on the bill I decided to up the tempos some more, knocking on the late 160s to drop a set for the faithful that stuck with us until lights up. Whilst regular listeners to Mantis Radio will hear bits and pieces of 165+ material, it’s been a long time since I’ve played out a set focusing on that tempo range.

Shouts to Desolate’s Charlotte.


The Future Sound of London – Mouth Muse [fsoldigital.com]
Enoruos – Yggdrasil [Spiritech Records]
He3dless – Do Y [Mindtrick Records]
Ali Berger – Scattergun [Militant Science]
Thing – Uncovered [Thing Music]
Consequence – Splinter [Exit Records]
Fre4knc – Barnard’s Loop [Samurai Music]
Histibe – Pulsar [Histibe World]
Various Production – Rush (remix) [Various]
Ultrademon – Step Into Liquid (Wayback Mix) [Coral Records Internazionale]
Om Unit – Jaguar [Civil Music]
Skeptical – Another World [Exit Records]
M-zine & Scepticz – Revolve [31 Records]
Enei – I Don’t Know [Critical Recordings]
Replicants – Ronrey [Offshoot]
AFX – 54 Cymru Beats (maily edit) [dub]
Ohmwerk – Neurophycid v4 [unreleased]
Fre4knc – Tellurian [Samurai Music]
kidkanevil – 808BoOoOoOmFiyaNight [kidkanevil]
ASC – Polemic [Samurai Music]
EAN – I Bus’ the Mic [Cosmic Bridge Records]
Unknown – Hold Me [Zulu Records]
Fre4knc – Flink [Samurai Music]
J Majik – Slicon Valley (arcon 2 remix) [Infrared Records]
Bad Company – Nitrous [BC Recordings]
+ Tech Itch – Daughters of the Night [Tech Itch Digital]
Cruk – Condition Zero [Bad Taste Recordings]
Skream – Motorway [Exit Records]
Karsten Pflum – Coil Up Swedish Pony Riding [Pavillon36 Recordings]
Fanu – Paracosm [Lightless Recordings]
Mr76ix – Math [SKAM]
Duran Duran Duran – I Love Lamp [Acre Recordings]
Gunjack – Bruckshut (Jungle dub) [unreleased]
Dom & Roland – Terminate [Dom & Roland Productions]
Carl Brown – Jungle Lord [Acroplane]
C Mantle – Blackboard Jungle [Digital Distortions]
After Dark – Truly One [After Dark Recordings]


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