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DVNT – November 2008

Bringing us up to speed, here we have November’s 2008 darkfloor 15.

DVNT and his November Darkfloor 15.

In no particular order.

Antoni Maiovvi – Tokyo Ultra Funk [Seed]
Beautiful italo disco electro from the forthcoming (probably released now) album release of Electro Muscle Cult. This is just a timeless beauty. I implore you to get this album and fall in love.

DJ Pace – Echo Off (Octave Mix) [mONOmENTAL] forthcoming
Fresh release on the minimal minded mONOmENTAL label, and it’s DJ Pace providing the goods with 3 remixes. Whilst the original track has a stripped feel with a bubbling undercurrent. This remix by Octave jacks it up a touch and adds a twisted dimension to it that is sure to help you loose it at 4am wrecked as you gyrate to the beat, sweating heavily. It’s the little touches of sound snippets that make this one complete with bizarre breakdown.

Rie – Pizzicato Art [Overmind]
New label to me, and a fresh producer. But a great, progressive tech house roller.

Arrestar – Prayer (Grovskopa Remix) [Ante-Rasa]
Glitched out techno. Heavy on the beats and pounding, but with enough work on the other elements to make this stand out from the pack. Grovskopa has really made good on this remix. Check the full release of this for remixes from Black Smith Craft and Charlton. The original is worth a listen n all.

Hellfire Machina – Sign of the Times [dubplate]
Expecting a lot from these guys, otherwise known in the nuskool breaks world as Sunz of Mecha but making themselves known in the dubstep scene. As you’d expect with me charting this, it’s really quite a good introduction into the scene. Heavily dub, but with acres of stepping going on and off.

Kemper Norton – Cowfolding []
Lushful downtempo which washes over you like that first cup of brewed tea on a cold Sunday morning.

Ikimashoo Aoi – Everything We Could Hear [Enough Records]
It sounds like something Boards of Canada could have made and that fact alone made me fall in love with this. Beautiful sounds, combined with just the right about of beats to take you into it’s musical journey.

Fall & Regis – C. U. Next Time [Myuzyk]
Hard to choose one track from Fall & Regis’ debut release on Myuzyk. Their release, Done Up Like A Vicar, is 7 tracks of laid back downtempo and some beatier excursions. This one track is one of those beatier ones, yet it’s still pretty damn chilled stuff and is a joy to listen to. You know what? As this is another free release from the mighty Myuzyk, I suggest you go and get it and just let your ears to the talking.

synchronoise – Little shizzle [dubplate]
Electro vibes, big beats, sweet cuts and some great progression going off in this. Check Mantis Radio 028 to hear this beastie

Amon Tobin – Overwhelming Forces []
Instantly Amon Tobin. Twisted narly introductions suck us in to the aural production delight from a master of the craft. Like a Redneck infested alleywall it batters you about leaving you on the floor missing some teeth.

Nesha Tehnika – Shadows [diggarama]
Dancefloor focused techno. A phat throb nests under the heavily tribal beats and is arse shaking good fun. Part of the 5 tracker release, NBG Driver. Come the first drop and it’s turning into a beastly roller before doubling up with the drums and percussion.

Noiz and Excision – Do It Now [Rottun Recordings]
Tribal drums bring us into a bass heavyweight, with a growling dark skank heavy drop. When the main bass drops this one is ripe for testing those low frequencies on your speakers. Remember those old drum n bass tech steppers? This is like that, but with 140bpm broken vibes. Solid stuff indeed.

Red Box Recorder – Hoovers in the Barn [Acroplane]
With a playful electronica intro before the live sounding drums kick in the breakbeat followed shortly by some large throbbing bass. Good wholesome breakbeat electronica, with a healthy dose of melodic overtones and drops galore. You can grab this beasty, free as part of the Fallow Duuski release on the wonderful Acroplane label. A great multi style evolving track with a dollop of acid to finish off. Just what you ordered sir.

Concrete DJz – Re-Mental [Armatura Records]
Storming hard techno, Serbian style. No messing, darkfloor specialised assault.

Radarsat-1 – Ascending Synthesis [Bass4Bots]
Breakbeat’d electro with a phat as your momma licking some lard bass rift. Perfectly formed electro.


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