download unreleased Coil

Robin Rimbaud, better known as Scanner, continues to unearth long forgotten treasures and unique audio artefacts from his personal archives.

The latest of his findings will be of big interest to the Coil fans out there, of which there are many. Rimbaud believes the track to be an alternative, and previously unreleased version of ELpH’s Static Electrician.¬†ELpH was a side project of Coil that they briefly in the mid 90s to describe what musical compositions came out of their equipment, often unrehearsed or¬†consciously thought of.

Scanner –

Whilst recently digitising my tape archive I came across this one from Geff/John Balance of Coil, with whom I frequently exchanged music. It features this one solitary track which I believe he gave me to play out at my Electronic Lounge club that I ran at the Institute of Contemporary Arts London in 1994.

The other side features remixes of the band Stabbing Westward tune ‘Lies’ but don’t believe this has anything to do with Coil. I just think Geff was recycling a tape that was lying around in the studio. This seems to be an alternative mix of ELpH – Static Electrician, longer than the released version.

I share it with you out of respect to the memory of great people no longer with us, and ask that you don’t try to profit by making money out of this. Gift culture can make others happy :-)


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