Ryukau – Selected Rooms / Entity

Abrasive and unforgiving digital abuse from Ryukau on the 28 minute, 11 piece Selected Rooms release for netlabel Entity.

“The cyberspace musings of a meta-network for experimental approach to electronic media called “Entity”

Ryukau is the work of Japanese producer Takamitsu Endo. Often harsh and brutal electronics with showers of binary expected throughout. It’s not all fierce as the soothing closer An Exit To A Large Hall serenades, to a point.

At its heart this feels like an experiment from Endo. This is bore support by looking at his other releases for Chinese netlabel Bumpfoot; Dr. Rhythm Coming, upon which he released an acid techno collection of work. Or his D04 08 02 EP for Sayonara Records; an 8 bit acid techno sounding affair which I’m going to describe as “very Japanese sounding”, at least to a Western such as I am. It has that cute Japanese stomp that only they seem to pull off without it sounding contrived.

Selected Rooms is likely to be of limited appeal to some of you, but I for one really enjoyed the sonic destruction presented.

Ryukau – Selected Rooms

Ryukau – 2nd Entrance
Ryukau – Room002
Ryukau – Room019
Ryukau – Playing Video Games in Room019
Ryukau – Room022
Ryukau – Room023
Ryukau – A View From the Window in Room023
Ryukau – Room028
Ryukau – Room029
Ryukau – Room032
Ryukau – An Exit to a Large Hall


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