DJ Slon

DJ Slon – RTPOD8

Described as the The Godfather’ of the Russian techno scene – Oleg Azelitsky aka DJ Slon from St. Petersburg put together this mix for the netlabel and Techno portal Russian Run by MANTIS showcased producer and artist Vadz. (a great podcast and netlabel)

Oleg is talented in many areas of art, he recently wrote a book and now finishes another one, but he earned his main reputation of course in dj’ing, and party-making. His company ‘Underground Experience‘ brings quaility to the dancefloor since the early 90’s. This set contains fresh modern-sounding tunes as well as some nostalgic old-school flashbacks. So, if you’re new to the whole techno thing – this one is a good point to start exploring from. And if you’re a veteran, i’m sure you smile by the end of his set. Techno as it should be, here and now.

DJ Slon – RTPOD8
01. Tony Rohr – Few
02. Akihiro Mochizuki – Puppets
03. Ascion – Kickon
04. Museum – She Was Asking For It
05. Phirter – Mi Chica
06. Plastikman – Spastik (Dubfire Rework)
07. Planetary Assault Systems – Mod
08. Jeff Mills – Black Is The Number
09. Akihiro Mochizuki – Battery
10. Hardcell – Funk Continuum
11. Joey Beltram – Shaking Trees
12. Pete Lazonby – Bob
13. Cari Lekebusch – Forstar Du Nu
14. Ascion – Kickon (Grindvik’s Version)


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