BRAWLcast #011: Solitude Suite – Grooming Process

Straight from the horses mouth on this new BRAWLcast mix with Solitude Suite (Casual Violence / Siege).

Like who the fuck is this pair of total shit eating losers and what’s that retarded shit excuse for techno coming from the speakers? What a pair of shitkickers….

Hey that’s a great question…. you must be way smart and very wise indeed to pose such a well constructed enquiry. I’m glad you asked.

solitude suite is the name under which Manchester based duo and very sexy boys Calvin Whitticker and Steven Fallows express their worthless views and opinions on social issues, the human condition, mankind’s greedy little existence and many other fun and easy going subjects by way of musical form.
Being long time friends, the pair have been mixing and collecting records together for well over a decade, supporting each other with production advice and putting on fake smiles while pretending to enjoy each others DJ gig’s around the UK.

While both writing music and DJing on their own [Calvin under the name Siege and Steven under the name Casual Violence] for some years now, and finally fooling people into thinking they are actually any good, the pair have long spoken about starting a techno project together.

“We have a strong concept and idea for what we, as Solitude Suite wish to achieve… we are not talking about something as shallow or worthless as success, fame, admiration ect here [we have no desire to be number one in the beatport chart or any shit like that], but what we wish to achieve musically and artistically for our selves. INTEGRITY IS KEY FOR US.

We have spoken about Solitude Suite for so long now that the project was a living, breathing part of us long before we even sat down to actually write some music together. Its rare to see us together in a club not talking about our ideas and hopes for Solitude [we are the boring but incredibly handsome chaps sat in the corner talking shit while everybody else has a good time]

With Solitude, we desperately wish to find a healthy equilibrium between strong [or subtle] body music for the club and a more abstract form of communication and expression. Music that speaks to the body on a primal level and makes people [including ourselves] want to dance but at the same time it has to have texture and depth. It has to speak to the more advanced part of us. It has to stimulate the mind and soul. It sounds pretentious I guess… and it probably is.
We would rather fail writing music for ourselves and the small community of people who truly understand techno music than take the easy way and write the same generic shit as the majority of so called “artist”. We would rather be understood and respected by doing our own thing by the minority who feel the same, than receive praise from a million followers of the latest trend.”

Words however can never fully explain an idea or a feeling. So if you can excuse our poor excuse for wit and sarcasm, our obvious lies and bullshit, and bypass our boring and pretentious blah blah talk. Then please do give your valuable time to listen to our music. We have a long way to go before we find the sound and feeling we are looking for but for now this is what we have to say ;)

Solitude Suite – Grooming Process

Solitude Suite – Erosion Play intro [unreleased]
Carl Taylor – Continuum [Auterform Records]
Destroy Aliens – Untitled [Destroy Aliens]
Destroy Aliens – Invasion [Unreleased]
Traversable Wormhole – Exotic Matter [Traversable Wormhole]
Planetary Assault Systems – Gateway To Minia [Otsgut Ton]
Voidloss – Infinite Inside Pan [Unreleased]
Retail And Leisure – Your Reference to [Retail And Leisure]
Samuli Kemppi – Metal Space [Komisch]
Cari Lekebusch – Spin Dizzy (L.B. Corp Dub Mix) [Mote Evolver]
Valmay – Old Dog [Blueprint]
Function – Variance – (CH Signal Laboratories Edit) [Sandwell District]
Roof Light – In your Hands [Styrax Records]
Polygon Window – untitled [Warp]
Skirt – Glass At The Sea [Unreleased]
Adam Beyer – Untitled (Drumcode 18) [Drumcode]
Charlton Ravenberg – Clementine Spacecraft [Unreleased]
Casual Violence – Unspoken [Unreleased]
Adam Beyer – Untitled (Drumcode 18) [Drumcode]
Ben Klock – Subzero [Ostgut Ton]
Max M – Egg (Charlton mix) [M Rec]
Overload – Fuzzcinating [Gamb]
Skirt – Black Widow [Subsist]
Solitude Suite – Changing Language [Unreleased]
Obtane/Giorgio Gigli – The Different Perception Of Silence [Zooloft]
Sam Watson – Depth Charge [Unreleased]
Casual Violence – That’s Not Me [Unreleased]
Smear – Transect (Casual Violence Remix) [Unreleased]



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