an electro mix by Hektor Ruiez

Rammed with some serious, quality electro, this is Hektor Ruiez and his recent mix for the Glasgow based pauserecord mixtape podcast series. Similar to Trevor over at Fun-in-the-Murky (where I first spotted this), I took one look at the tracklist and knew it needed to be heard. So props to Trevor for highlighting this mix.

Hektor Ruiez – Electro Mix

I-F – The Men Who Won’t Come Back
Burrito Boys – Cuntis
Legowelt – Nightfall
Drexciya – Lab Rat
Ra-X – Untitled
L.A.M. – Meltdown
France Copland – Track 4
Signal Type – B-14
Ectomorph – Slither
Matt Whitehead – Conveyor
Scan X – Grey Light
Audioriot – Discoslut
RV – Control You
Hydraulix – Robocop
Bass Kitten & Volum – Money For Beer.
Debonaire – Watch Me Now
Dez Williams – Syst
Drexciya – Hydro Cubes
DJ Overdose – It’s DJ Overdose
Urban Electro Squad – 135 Dpi
Electronome – Untitled
Din-St – Straight Into Tokyo
Bass Dimension – Fangshi
Radioactive Man – Growl
Utilizer – Krypton 85
Ultradyne – Ultradyne Is Evil


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