the Darkfloor Daily – 05.12.2013

Uschi-No-Michi’s Weekly Drop.
*To be taken once a week as part of your Daily Dose of Darkfloor.

Mashups are like so 10 years ago, yeah, but when someone mashes together two groups that get a lot of love here on my Weekly Drop I give it the benefit of the doubt. It’s not perfect but a lot of fun. Behold, Death Clips – Mid Military. Now if someone could just mash The Bug and Bjork in there somewhere I’D NEVER NEED TO LISTEN TO ANYTHING ELSE AGAIN!!! (Ed – beat ya to it Uschi)

If you prefer your potentially offensive rap to be of a UK persuasion with Wu style sampled beats, look no further than The Untold Adventures Of Gary Guttersnypes – the new long player from Brighton based battle rapper and Rum Committee member Gi3MO. He has the kind of gravel voiced flow that’d be at home on an early Onyx album, which is fine by me. Musical stand-outs are Iron Gut and Warning Thing but as a rabid film watcher the album winner has to be Britflix, which is as lyrically smart as you’re likely to hear in any UK hiphop right now. Happy (train) spotting, film fans!

I reported in a previous Drop that Blue Daisy‘s Psychotic Love EP would be out in early December. Since then the title track and video from it are streaming and the blurb says it’s out in February. Whatever, I can wait. My purse would rather I did anyway. Great track and video, check it

I quite like what I’m hearing in teasers from Ninja Tune’s recent signing Lee Bannon – the latest of these – Value 10. His album is due to drop January 13th.

Speaking of Ninja Tune, if you check The Bug’s facebook page as I (obviously) regularly do you’ll know that after some epic mixing and broken leg drama he’s finished the highly anticipated follow-up to London Zoo! It’s called Angels & Devils and features a host of regular collaborators as well as some new faces/voices. Hoping for a release date to be announced very soon.

In other Bug news The Bug vs Sound Murderer Peel Session from 2003 has emerged on Soundcloud. There are also photos from the session here. Check it.


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