Unseen Selectors – Traversable Wormhole

I’ve written about the Unseen Selectors selections before and you can bet your lunch money I’ll write more words about them again soon. This particular piece is to highlight their latest mix: an all Adam X studio session.

Ahead of his Traversable Wormhole performance at their Edinburgh night this Friday June 1st (where in London we’re throwing our own techno shindig: Darkfloor Live) one of their mysterious and nameless crew has put together an intro mix to the sound of the Sonic Groove label boss. Unseen say:

Few people are as synonymous with techno music than Adam Mitchell aka Adam X aka Traversable Wormhole.

His music first came to Unseen’s ears via uncompromising sets delivered at proto-techno nights such as Sativa and labels such as Magnetic North and Sonic Groove. Adam has always been at the front of his field, whether it be street art, hard hitting EBM (Electronic Body Music) or utterly devastating dystopian grooves.

This mix serves as an introduction to Adam’s sound via his releases as Traversable Wormhole and has been mixed by one of our Unseen Selectors.

Their selection includes one of my personal favourite tracks from last year; Dettmann’s take on Closed Timelike Curve. A deadly slice of throbbing claustrophobic grit.

Unseen Selectors – Traversable Wormhole

When 2D meets 3D (Peter van Hoesen mix)
Traversing the Asteroid Belt (Function mix)
When 2D meets 3D
Subliminal Warp Drive
Exotic Matter
Tachyon (James Ruskin mix)
Closed Timelike Curve (Marcel Dettmann mix)
Centauri Dreams
Spacetime Symmetries
Superluminal (Sleeparchive mix)
Exotic Matter (Terence Fixmer mix)
Exiting the Milky Way (Surgeon mix)
Traversing the Asteroid Belt
When 2D meets 3D (Chris Liebing mix)
Exiting the Milky Way


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