Bun-E’s free Bass compilation

This one completely missed by radar (until now). Released afaik around this time last year, packed with 2, yes 2 Subeena tracks and a Teutonic Kaboom one as well as a Milanese bootleg you’re spoilt for choice. Bun-E has also instigaed a series of 30 minute mixes from various electronica producers such as Subeena, Ital-Tek, Teutonic Kaboom and Odan which I reckon would be worth a look. Check the Myspace for details.

Bun-E is a little net label

Bun-E aims to serve you up new and exciting music, in a tasty download format, for frrreeeeeee!  Perfect for these credit crunk times

Bun-E – Bass compilation

Slipdress – Baptist
Subeena – Anergik
Robot for Brains – Screw U
Teutonic Kaboom – Utter Termitus Bitus
Milanese vs Run DMC – Milanese cold Adidias
Dokkebi Q – Black Vomit
Subeena – Far Beyond
Slipdress – Aesope
The Lonely Schizo & Schmove – Livz and Remainz


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