Sturqen - Jugger

Watch Jugger by Portugal’s rhythmic noise / techno abstractionists Sturqen

Taken from the Portuguese duo’s Sturqen latest album Neophobia comes this video for Jugger. About the best word to sum up the video is predatory – which fits the intense rhythmic noise that the studio pairing of David Arantes & César Rodrigues can craft so well.

I don’t know much about who made the video (well nothing actually) – but Sturqen have confirmed it’s an official video.

Their incredible album Neophobia is available now through Kvitnu on both vinyl + digital formats. It joins the abstract technoid terror heard (well experienced is a better term) on their earlier releases for the Ukrainian label – Luz, the excellent Praga, Colera, Peste and debut Piranha.

Last year’s self released (and free to download) Raia still holds its place as my favourite, though the more I listen to Neophobia, the more it grows (infests).


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