Watch ‘Jugger’ from power noise technoid abstractionists Sturqen.

Taken from the Portugese duo’s Sturqen latest album Neophobia comes this video for Jugger. About the best word to sum up the video is predatory – which fits the intense rhythmic noise that the studio pairing of David Arantes & C├ęsar Rodrigues can craft so well.

I don’t know much about who made the video (well nothing actually) – but Sturqen have confirmed it’s an official video.

Their incredible album Neophobia is available now through Kvitnu on both vinyl + digital formats. It joins the abstract technoid terror heard (well experienced is a better term) on their earlier releases for the Ukrainian label – Luz, the excellent Praga, Colera, Peste and debut Piranha.

Last year’s self released (and free to download) Raia still holds its place as my favourite, though the more I listen to Neophobia, the more it grows (infests).


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