Villain – Untraceable on Singularity

LA techno producer Villain has a new EP out on London imprint Singularity. The label, run by the tour-de-force that is Voidloss (and Villain) has always strived to bring to the table (and club) uncompromising, unflinching, and underrated slabs of dark and sharp techno. Be that the intense noise of Derlich, the broken/straight rhythms of Voidloss and Lag, the beautiful shimmer of Blind Summit, the pitch blackness of Casual Violence or, in the case of this drop – the all enveloping drive of Villain.

His EP Untraceable continues the excellence that was Villain’s LP Escapade. I wrote at the time –

Deep, hard and focused. For music made in the sunshine of California it couldn’t be deeper, darker and further from the shining Golden State. Broken techno deftly programmed. The production level on Escapade, is, quite simply, as good as they come.

Much the same can be said of Untraceable. Opener Tincture has delicate depth but unwavering momentum with that percussive loop. Title track Untraceable is straighter with a sort of stereo left/right thing to the snare (at least what I’m calling the snare) whilst the hats buzz. This is one fine track that builds and builds and sucks you in for the ride.

Pursuit is bolder, mostly by that groaning bass, the hats present a more urgent in feel piece. That Villain sheen and drive is all present and it rolls, rolls so smoothly. DJs are gonna have a lot of fun with this one.

Final of what the EP offers is On The Run. That urgent feel from Pursuit is developed further with a persistent synth line that fuzzes insect like through the restrained clank – cerebral techno of the finest kind. Deceptively simple – you don’t think there’s a lot going on, yet, you get locked into it’s groove and the attention to detail is clear.

Reliable as ever Villain and Singularity, reliable as ever.

Available on Junodownload now, December 9th elsewhere.


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